Tiger Tail and The Stick

Hey guys, just tossing it out there for those of you that may not know.

Get a Tiger Tail or The Stick or something similar.

I recently got the Tiger Tail after reading something on another board concering prehab / rehab and foam rolling and such.

That is an amazon link to the one I bought. Been using it only a few short days now, but already it is worth it’s weight in gold. I normally foam roll with a pretty dense (hard) piece of foam, but I still couldn’t get my kinks out (IT band in particular). Now I have a lot of injuries related to 2 car accidents and the sedintary lfiestyle those led to, but I have to say, I am super impressed. The feeling after rolling everything out is much the same as I would feel after a ROLFing / SOMA session. Just broken down, but euphoric. I got the Tiger Tail over The Stick only because the tail is supposed to be able to deliver more pressure while The Stick is more user friendly and able to adapt to the size of the body part rolling over. I appreciate the Tiger Tail and it’s ability to apply a lot of strentgh into the roll, but I can see now why The Stick being able to adapt might be a good thing too, especially on the legs.

Anyway this is starting to sound like a commercial, but I am just excited and wanted to share. They are both cheap, just get one and make it a part of your daily training. I know I am from here on out.

Why not just use a rolling pin?

I don’t know. I never thought of it. Comparing in my head, I’d say perhaps the handles on the rolling pin wouldn’t be able to support the pressure being applied over a period of time / usage. But that is guessing at best.

So try what I mentioned above or try a rolling pin. Cool deal if it is the same thing, great!

I think it’s just funny how companies come out with these products that can be done with common house hold items, IMO.

But I would imagine it would be a “little” different as well.

Could be in another Mythbusters article!

I know these devices look like something you’d see in a late-night infomercial, but I’ve had the stick for month now, and I’m very impressed with it as well.

I use it mainly for my lower body, to do a little bit of soft-tissue work before and after tough lifts (mainly squats and deadlifts). Massaging my legs and joints for a few minutes before squatting, I get deeper into the hole, and come up more easily.

The big advantage, though, is using it after a workout… on “heavy” squat and deadlift days, I used to hobble out of the gym like an injured duck! Now, after a little stick work at the end of my workout, I glide out of the weight room feeling strong and flexible. If you’re ever stiff after a hard workout, I’d recommend giving it a try.

Perhaps the best advantage, however, are the never-ending innuendos to be had with your lady… “Baby, you want me to stick your lower back?”

I bought the “marathon stick” which is pretty flexible and small enough to fit in my gym bag. Have fun all!