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Tiger... No, LION Blood!





And now we have a new king of the jungle...


1976: Fire Dragon is Dragon Doubled

I have Dragon Blood
And Valkyrie DNA


IH will be happy! ; )


Then there is George of the Jungle which belongs to George.


< Has liger blood.


<-Tigon blood ftw


I have Charlie Sheen blood.........bitches.

Tiger + Charlie Sheen + Tiger = WIN-WIN-WIN


I have royal immortal troll blood.

I can only be slain by a wreckage on October 31


How do people on T-Nation manage this? How does the original story become irrelevant and forgotten within two posts?

But yeah, that's crazy - would never want to be on the receiving end of a tiger uppercut.


The original story is kind of said because it was a meaningless death for the lion.

Really, I mean in the wild, if the two were to meet and one of them won, then the winner would get a meal...this was like a shiving at a prison.



Another lion-in-the-cage story, quite sad: Marjan the lion, in Kabul zoo from the 80s ...

In 1993, a man who made a bet with the rest of his friends sneaked into the lionâ??s den. The man stroked Chucha, the lioness, who did not react, but Marjan attacked the man and killed him within minutes. The following day, the manâ??s brother came and threw a hand grenade into the lionâ??s den, rendering Marjan blind in one eye (which had to be removed), deaf, and permanently disabled.

Despite several surgeries, neither Marjanâ??s eyesight nor his mouth could be saved. He lost all of his teeth, making it impossible for him to eat boned meat. A ramp was also built for him to get back into his den, as he was seen falling a few times while trying to make it back inside. The incident sparked an outrage with animal rights activists. The man who threw the grenade was violently attacked a week later, and died of injuries.

Here's the link:


This, definitely. The tiger uppercut is just bad news.


Thanks for that. What a sad story.
Now I'm no PETA supporter, but I do think the story had a happy ending! Fuck that guy.


Actually, you're right. The lion survived, and was taken care of for a few more decades.


lol! could you really kill her with 3 uppercuts? i don't remember now.



What a piece of shit, deserved to get killed.


Wait there is a story to this?