Tiger King Discussion

I just finished Tiger King on Netflix. I found the show to be a series of train-wrecks that somehow merge at the end. Nearly everyone on the show was absolutely nuts including that bitch down in Florida Carol Baskins.

The least crazy of the animal hoarders seemed to be the drug king pin who either was present during or committed the act of beheading a federal agent with a circular saw.

I think that Jeff character is a POS, and should be investigated. Carol should also be investigated (just saw that they are opening up the investigation into her husbands murder because of the show).

There are so many tangents this discussion could go off on, because the show goes in so many directions.

What are your thoughts on the show?

I’m 4 episodes in. I NEVER watch shows on streaming services but this thing has me hooked. Every character that pops up is just as, if not more, crazy as the one before. And the way they each have their little cults is amazing. I hope there is more about the drug king pin to come, but I’m afraid his role may be over.

Joe and Doc Antle having a spouse count competition was pretty amusing. Joe used meth to wrangle in straight men. Doc just groomed and used cult stuff to wrangle in the teenage women. Just crazy.

Not much more on the drug king pin IIRC. Pretty crazy to me that he seemed by far the most sane out of everyone there. However, I believe Doc Antle is mostly sane, just plays into his cult stuff to get women.

I was hesitant to watch the show myself, but I am glad I did.

I haven’t seen it, but have seen a lot of memes about it.

If it involves as much cocaine and tigers as it appears this could be the most epic expository into the human mind ever created.

There might finally be an answer to why, after a certain amount of cocaine, do tigers become a good idea?

And how much? Are some guys like 8ball on Friday and now I want a tiger level, or is it in the 1/2 oz. range?

The drug king pin when busted IIRC had the largest amount of cocaine seized in Florida.

Other than that, the cast (Joe Exotic’s crew) was more into meth than coke.

The show made me feel good about my life. Kinda like watching Jerry Springer.

That doesn’t bode well for me then. I never quite reached “guy with a tiger” level use, but did kinda know a guy who knew a guy.

And honestly, it wasn’t because I didn’t want one. I just couldn’t afford it. I didn’t have like Mike Tyson money.

You can actually get a tiger cub for not much money. On the internet they can be found for a little over $1000.

Growing up, my cousins in Arkansas had a guy that lived on their street with a tiger in the back yard. Jacked up trucks and 3 wheelers galore. On their street you would get chased by at least 5 dogs if you drove by.

Better stay away from any level of use now with your previous medical issues. Tiger is fine, just not coke or meth.

Yeah, no way. It just doesn’t make sense anymore. There has to be some corollary or formula between them, like for f(x) = yadda yadda yadda

When x>n |all real numbers| = get a tiger. :tiger:

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More than an 8 ball. Can confirm.


Tigers are always a good idea. How could there be a down side to owning an 600 lb predator. Plus if you already own a bear, I hear they get along well.

Sure, if you like animals.

I’m not sure that this is why some people get tigers though. :thinking:

I’m still working on getting this in to our binge watching schedule.

If only there was some way to stay awake longer…


We finished this last night. Thankfully it’s very short (7 x 45 min episodes); this was not a world I wanted to inhabit for an extended period of time.

No fucking way; that dude is a straight-up, predatory sociopath. Sane people don’t build harems of troubled teenage girls. I can feel some level of compassion for every character on the show except for him and Jeff Lowe (another sociopath).

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Oh no doubt about being a predator and psychopath (he matches psychopath closer than sociopath). I am unsure about placing psychopaths in the bucket of insane as they can often lead normal lives, think clearly without going to prison and such.

I believe in most states you can’t use psychopathy as a condition that would render you insane as a defense.

This is a bit of nit picking I guess. I think he thinks clearly (Jeff and probably Carol as well fit a psychopath description but think sanely), I think most of the others do not (I will say there is a good mix of mental conditions present on the show).

You’re right, I think I’ve been using those terms backwards for just about forever.

Yeah most of the others are just fucked up due to some combo of drugs and bad genes/environment/whatever. The girl that went back to work 5 days after having her arm torn off might be the sanest one on the show.

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I don’t know. They said they could have reconstructed her arm, but she was worried about bad press for Joe if she was in the hospital for too long. I don’t know all the details. Maybe the arm would have never been functional (they never said anything about that though). The way the show made it out was that it could have been reconstructed (which is what a sane person would do).

I too was guilty of using the wrong term regarding psychopaths for a long time. I think it is very common.

Technically, I don’t think sociopaths are considered insane. You are intuitively just by having compassion for the other characters but not the sociopaths.

She said in the interview that she opted for amputation because the doctors told her reconstruction was going to require 2 years of surgery before rehab even started, and her arm was going to be somewhat compromised from a functionality standpoint even after all of that. There’s also the money side of it; no idea what kind of insurance they had at the zoo, but I’m guessing it was minimal to none. No way she would have been able to afford 2 years of surgery and rehab afterwards. Apparently she could’t even afford a prosthetic at the time.

It’s not the choice I would have made, but I can respect it. Her attitude about the whole thing is fucking outstanding too.

I’m also really confused now because I thought Saff was a girl, but every article I’ve found refers to this person as “he.” Trans? Really feminine looking and sounding guy?

I must not have been paying full attention to the details. Those details change my opinion.

A prosthetic arm is pretty useless in most cases. Some can get pretty good functionality out of what is left of the forearm as compared to a prosthetic. Hopefully in the future we get Luke’s hand type prosthetic limbs.

I guess Saff is FTM or born female and now identifies as male. Does not appear to be on hormones though just by my guess.

My 2 year old went into our room and grabbed the Apple TV remote. Guess which show he turned on? Yep, laying in bed with his play tools watching Tiger King.

This is an indicator that you are starting him off right. I had a hammer that I carried everywhere with me as a child. I am now an engineer, and still use tools. As a kid though I mostly bullied other children with the hammer from what I have been told.

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