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Tier Training

Hey everyone,

i was thinking of doing a teir training program as outlined here:


but i have a couple questions and i didnt feel like bumping a year old thread. so anyways…on to the questions:

1.) the only upper body exercises listed are presses, i was thinking of including rows and chins because i am weak in those movements, any reason this wouldnt work? or would be less than optimal?

2.) have any of you tried this program or something similar and if so how have the results compared to something like Westside for Skinny Bastards or EDT?

and as an unrelated side note i was wondering if any of you have tried Charles Stanley’s Convergent Phase Training (CPT) and if so what were your results?

i appreciate any help you guys can give…thanks in advance


bump… anyone?

Yes, for upper body exercises do chins, rows, dips, and presses. All basic, quality movements.