Tier, max effort, dynamic, rep method etc..

What do you think of a tier program for basketball?? doing 3 days a week full body? dynamic, max effort and then rep method?and rotating the lifts like the tier?Monday T, L, U…wed…L, U, T etc?this way you would hit the whole body with different methods every training session…and changing max lifts every 2-3 weeks?

Also concerning gpp…can you do 3 sessions a week with that template?? having different focus…restoration, work capacity etc…

What about heavy eccentric training?? When you change direction you must first absorb force, so doing heavy eccentrics and altitude drops would be like max effort and dynamic method right?

In your skinny bastard program…can you do your rep day more like what Charles Staley does in EDT?? You still get tons of reps but with a bit heavier weight say 30RM for your program vs 10-12RM on an EDT scheme?

What about doing iso hold at the angle you jump??

They supposedly transfer 15 degrees either way?so wouldn?t this be another “dirty trick” one can add??