Tidbits for Me and You

Alright well the small things count and I’ve got a few questions that will help me get some confsuion outta the way and maybe even help other ppl out there if they have the same. So here I go.

Okay so for reps and sets for a a max effort lift. Yes I’ve read westside articles about it folks but is doing like 3 sets of 2 reps at 90% alright?..My question here is what should I use for rep and sets for training maximal effort. I follow A.S. Prilepin’s Chart which for the last part of it says: 90% plus training range and it says the optimal total reps per set is 7…so does that mean i could do 3 sets of 2 reps at 90% for strength (would this work good?)Oh and the range for that is 4-10.

ONE MORE THING…this is important…FOR OFF DAYS…can i do High intensity interval training. or High Octane Cardio…or like… some SERIOUS conditioing workouts with k-bells etc. while still doing me days and such?..like i make my off days gpp days, but i always like go INSANE with conditioing (cuz i need it and all)…like can i do these for off days or is this not the goal u want for the off gpp days???
thanks a lot…Im really tired right now and this post mind sound a little confusing, if it is just post that it is and ill try to fix it, but these questions id really appreciate it if they were answered and all.

dl- must sleep