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Tickled Shatless

Woot! I just found out that instead of inventorying parts for a petroleum equipment company that I start working at monday, I may get to install pumps!!!

I know it sounds strange, but it would be really could, being a sixteen year old put on the construction team. Its a high t job. A lot more then counting pipes. heh.

I am also gonna be haying for 3 different people. Already started. The bales aren;t really heavy enough to build huge muscles, but I might gain a little torso and grip strength.

I might also get to work at the grain elevator during harvest.

And mowing lawns, oh joy, oh joy(sarcasm…)

Sounds like a great summer. The best shape I was ever in was when I was living on a farm, bailing hay in the summers along with all my other farm chores. You want to build a strong grip, go milk about 6 cows every morning at 5 am by hand!

Hope you have fun… you will be one lean mo-fo at the end of this summer. You oughta post some before/after pics!