Tibolone (Llivial) Use for Cycle?

Hi guys i’ve got access to this drug and i am wondering if anyone knows any use for it in a steroid cycle or in PCT or in anything related to muscle building. All i have come across is a possible regulator regulation effect which may be canceled out by the suppressive nature of synthetic testosterone usage.

Im MALE btw, so if it’s useless for a male state that also.

Thanks for your time

Tibolone is used for hormone replacement therapy in post-menopausal women.

If you do not fit that criteria, don’t use it!!!

Yeah i know that haha, but lots of drugs are used for thing in the real world and another thing in bodybuilding. Eg Nolvadex a breast cancer drug, or HCG to kick start pregnancy.

I’ll take if you don’t know of any applications for it for a male. Thanks for the reply though!

Nope, never heard of any male using it for performance enhancement.
Sounds like you are desperate to do some “roids”. Maybe you should consider some birth control pills too? Just to be creative.

Nooo mate, i was hoping it could be used as a support drug, i have free access to it for reasons i’m not going to mention. As it’s a new drug very few people would know if it could be utilised in a steroid cycle If there was anything it could improve in regards to a steroid cycle i would have liked to have added it. You seem adamant it’s useless, thank you for your opinion but please lose the idea that i am desperate for "roids"and can’t source them myself.

The reasons are clearly because a woman close to you has been prescribed it and isn’t using it.

Anyway - if you research medical journals trhat contain studies of the drug then you will find out if it has anabolic activity.

Regardless if it does or not, the side effects WILL outweigh the benefits (which are highly unlikely to be there if it is prescribed to women).