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Tibolone for High SHBG?

Has anyone tried this drug to lower SHBG and can share his experiences with it?
It has been said many times on this forum what kind of supplements (boron, avena sativa, tongat ali, stinging nettle) and drugs (anavar, stanazol, proviron, danazol) may help with lowering shbg but it seems nobody mention about tibolon.
i’m still struggling with shbg levels of 50-70 and before I decide to go on trt i would like to try everything else.

Have you had your T levels checked? I am also very high SHBG (64) but my T was almost at the bottom end of the “normal” range, so even with lower SHBG I still wouldn’t be able to get many effects of healthy T levels. I’m 5 weeks into TRT and glad I did it.

Altering SHBG directly is almost never a good idea.

I see men come in here looking for elixirs to lower SHBG, it’s so far removed from reality. Obviously high SHBG is either genetic or the results of liver scarring to do extreme dieting, if the latter the damage is done and can’t be reversed.

How many times a guy avoided TRT do to lowering SHBG using some compound natural of otherwise, it has never happened.

Tibolone is a weak AAS used in HRT for post-menopausal women (albeit in low doses), it has other uses, I just can’t think why a male would want to take tibolone.

@unreal24278 50% reduction In SHBG.

why not just use more test to lower SHBG, DHT has a high binding affinity for SHBG. Tibolone has estrogenic and 5a reduced metabolites and has progestognenic activity, doesn’t sound particularly fun. It’s a 19-nor, you know what else lowers SHBG, danazol, oxandrolone, stanozolol (pick just about any DHT actually) danazol isn’t a DHT but is effective with regard to lowering SHBG.

To be fair tho a very low dose of a progestogen like tibolone + a TRT dose of test (say 100-150mg/wk, maybe 200mg for what I’m proposing here) would probably be pretty good for male hormonal contraception. Current clinical data shows T + progestogen/19-nortestosterone derivative is effective and reliable at suppressing spermatogenesis completely is like 90% + of men

No thread on SHBG is complete with comments from the bastard child. That is me, if you don’t know already.

Danazol has reduced – and continues to reduce – my SHBG by 60%. Documented by monthly labs.

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Danazol idndeed reduces shbg. The problem is that it also reduces testosterone. After a couple of weeks my shbg dropped from 68 to 39 so did my testosterone (from about 6 ng/dl to 1,95) . TRT seems to be the only reasonable option I guess

… Well obviously. Danazol is an anabolic steroid, negative feedback loops from administration of exogenous androgens exist, that’s a given…

And now you know that and have proven it to yourself. I call that progress.

What did you learn?

  1. You need to be on TRT.
  2. You might still need something to lower SHBG and you have proven Danazol works.

Little update. After 2 years of depression, axiety, no libido, exercise intolerance, trying every natural methods to lower shbg i went on trt.
Bloods taken a day before starting:

shbg- 61 nmol/l
tt- 585 ng/dl (20 nmol/l)

After first shot within two days a felt better than in the past 4 years (despite the fact that i haven’t been working out for a couple of months due to fatigue and i literrally have eaten shit).

Bloods taken a week after (after two injections)

shbg- 36 nmol/l
tt- 1062

i’m staying with this shit forever.

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Are you taking danazol as well or just test? How much, what type and how often?

I came to the point that i was so desperate (depression , couldn’t think clearly at work and had to take some days off) and took one shot of testosterone enanthate 200 mg. the next day i felt weird but than i felt like 8-10 years ago (no brain fog, no fatigue). during the week i also took one shot of testosterone prop divided to 2 injections. i also took half pill of danazol. So in fact during this time I took larger dose than typical trt protocol (due to desperation). now I think i stay on 200 mg a week.

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Let us know what you end up taking and how it goes. You aren’t the only one with high shbg, I have it too!

im aware thats the beginning and later it will probably look entirely different. I’m just happy how I feel at the moment just laying in bed (100 percent better than with strict diet, good sleep, no sttres, suplements and good training program). what’s your lab numbers look like?


The short version is

Total T - high end of normal

Free T - super low, well under bottom end of range

SHBG - super high. Like 150 when 60 something is the high end of the “normal” range

Estradiol - low end of normal. 12 I think?

I can find exact #'s if you need them but I figured this was close enough.

Basically, seems like not enough testosterone to overcome that SHBG value, which then means not enough free test which means not enough estradiol. My symptoms and results when I’ve tried some things like Proviron seem to agree… my low E symptoms got worse on Proviron for example, which makes sense now that I know my E2 is on the low end already…

Don’t waste your time, your life (you must feel terrible i suppose). If your liver and thyroid are ok, you don’t use keto diets, the only way to lower your shbg is through trt.

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Agreed. I have a second appt with Defy on Monday to try to get trt “officially” going. One of the nurse practitioners tried to tell me boron would make me feel better… that was almost a month ago

Numb dick and tired all the time aren’t fun!

Are you outside of the USA?

Because I was reading about tibolone … “but (it) is not approved or available in the United States because of concerns for risk of breast cancer and stroke.” No studies done on men (that I could find).

Interesting reading.