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"Hey timbo(and anyone else), I had a question about during-workout-meal, and I remembered you said you take that route and also eat a solid low GI/II meal after the workout.

My question is, is the composition and size of the during-workout-supplement depndant on what type of training you do? Cause I do RR&D-like training and suddenly I thought about not needing that much glucose for it.

Let me clarify.

Right now I am cutting, low carbing it actualy, sticking to timbo/E.C/JB recommendations of one carb meal DURING w.o, one after, and thats it. on HIIT days it’s just 2 after thw workout.

I did meltdown I now switched to RR&D and feeling the different energy systems used in each program warrant different in-training supplementation

Hope I am clear if not ask.



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S-Man, good question, and your concern is very much warranted.

I would not hesitate to state that your carbohydrate usage, and subsequent needs, during a program like 5x5 are diminished from other high-volume protocols. However, if you’re implementing shorter rest intervals (i.e. <=60 sec) and/or are using more TUT for each rep, then your glycogen utilization will probably increase.

That being said, Coach Poliquin once gave some real nice guidelines for carbohydrate needs pending on one’s training volume (i.e. repetitions per workout). Obviously, one rep of triceps kickbacks doesn’t equate to one rep of deadlifts, but there has to be some give somewhere. That being said, Coach Poliquin recommended between 0.25 and 1g of carbohydrate per pound of lean bodyweight pending on the nature of the exercises used and the repetitions performed.

I cannot find the reps-carbs relationship in any of the Question of Strength colums, S-Man. I know my man E-C has them or Monty should also. By the way, where the heck is Monty!

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wait a sec man,
In my (manly) workouts I never go for more then 30 sec TUT and I rest 2-3 minutes between each (manish) set.

what you think about that man? where do I fit in the 0.25 to 1.0 recomMENdations?

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Poliquin’s carb intake, post-workout:
reps Gr/Kg of LBM
12-72 0.6
73-200 0.8
200-360 1
360-450 1.2

Protein - 0.6 g/kg lbm.
Glutamine - 0.33 g/kg lbm.

Now go spank some butts, but count every rep, so you could costumize your post-spanking meal acordinngly. :slight_smile:

tantrum’s right on the money!

Thanks T-men

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That being said, S-Man, I’d shoot for the lower end of the range there.