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Tibia Machine


Anyone use it? I tried it my first time yesterday and god damn I am weak. I could only do 10lbs on each side...

Someone had loaded it up with two 25's on each side. God damn I couldn't even budge it.


I've been looking for one, good thing you found it.


Wish I had access to one of these.


You still playin SC2 man? It was fun watchin your games. I hear there is a new class, like Grand Masters or something?


You're working out...a bone?

Surely you mean the tibialis anterior, in which case I would simply ask, why?


No, I meant the bone. I am also supplementing with calcium.


There's on at my crowded gym. I trip over it all the time. I hate that fuckin thing.

And FWIW , it does say Tibia on it.



lol, ty


I stopped playing. Took up too much of my time to keep competing at the grandmaster level, lol.


lol, that's why I don't play. When I used to play SC and BW I would have to devote way to much time to it, and I still got my ass kicked all of the time. I still enjoy watching pro matches on www.gomtv.net though.