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Tibia Machine Online?


Hi there, does anyone know of (or recommend) an online store to get a Tibia machine? My friends and I were thinking of chipping in together to get one, but I'm not sure where a reputable place to get this would be, so if anyone has any ideas, please let me know.



If you can't find a Tibia machine, try searching for a motorized Fibula. That might bring you to the right site to find one.


I don't mean to be rude, but why do you want to train those muscles?


You can make one yourself


Hammer Strength should make a machine to work the PC muscles.

I'd buy that before a Tibia machine.

Actually, this is the first I heard of a Tibia machine. Huh.


Here's an idea for you- GENTLY (caps for emphasis) put a plate on your toes, and raise your toes up.


haha (@ the caps on 'gently'), yes, I've done that. It is my fallback :slight_smile:


I believe it will help add to the perception of size to my legs.


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Help me understand this, do you mean, rotating the foot upwards (as if the toes were trying to touch the shins)?


I read Tibia as Labia and got excited.



The way I've done it in the past is:

  1. Get into a position where your heel is on the edge of a box/step beneath you, with your toes over the edge, and your knees are somewhere between 90 degrees and straight.

  2. Place an appropriately sized dumbbell between your toes.

  3. Dorsi- and plantar-flex your ankle (uhh... make your toes go up and down?). Your heels stay on the box.


Thanks for the answer!


Does anyone else get sore in the tibialis anterior just from walking? Happens when I wear dress shoes.


Actually if you want to work your tibialus anterior just get in a standing calf raise machine backward so your heels are on the step and your toes are hanging off. Then dorsiflex your foot, if you need more resistance put the weight on the machine higher. The way the leverage works this allows you to work your tib ant and add resistance since you're levering off your calcaneus. Works quite well.


I'm pretty sure I've maxed out on my genetic potential when it comes to my tibias. Same with my fibulas and femurs, while we're at it :frowning:



How about your humerus?

Lulz, get it humorous, humerus...


I've also found it helpful in dealing with/preventing shin splints when done for high reps. But, yep, my initial reason for including them was seeing a Dorian Yates article wayyyyyyy back when, where he pointed out that it was an often-neglected muscle that can add "dimension" to the lower leg.

The trick to the seated one-leg version is to not have your leg at 90 degrees (like you're doing a seated calf raise). You get a much better range of motion in the ankle when your foot is farther out in front and the knee angle is, like, closer to 135 degrees or so.

Also, I generally prefer dumbbells to plates. It's easier to sit the dumbbell flat across the whole instep, and more comfortable (relatively) when using heavier weights.


If you find the right leg curl machine, you can sit on it instead of lying down, and perform this exercise. I used to do this in my Nautilus years, and once in a while since.


How exactly? A seated leg curl machine involves having your legs straight and curling down. No?


I hope not. When that's maxed out, it's time to check out.