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Tibex or 4 AD at half dose?

I’ve got a question for the masses. I can purchase a load of 4 AD cheaper (at half dose) than I can get my gubby paws on Tribex. I was wondering given the choice which one you would prefer to use for an extended period (2-6 months) and what the potentially differing results might be. . . I’m aware they’re very differnent products and I’ve never used 4 AD so I’m curious which people think would give me a better bang for my buck:
Tribex or 1/2 dose of 4 AD?



ps. Standard strength/hypertrophy (in that order) goals.

I’d go with the Tribex instead if you’re talking about any kind of pill-form andro. Pill or “popper” 4-AD is pretty ineffective. Get some of the real deal (MAG-10 or 4-AD-EC) or save up until you can. I learned my lesson in the past that trying to go cheap is pointless when it comes to prohormones.

Sorry, I was actually referring to Biotest’s 4-AD-EC not some other form of 4 AD. I was just too lazy to type it all out.


go with tribex for the long period of time. if you decided on biotests 4-aD then go for 2 months at full dose. laters pk

You didn’t post your age. If you’re older (say, over 35), then I agree that the Tribex is your best bet. If you’re 20-something, then probably the 4-AD would give you better results.

Tribex is truly good stuff, I just got done using one bottle at 5days on / 2 days off for exactly three weeks. I think it worked great in all categories, I have a good supplement response though. But overall I believe it helped with strength, size, and I noticed I got a little leaner while I used without a change in diet. Im a believer, oily skin though on the third week, I had to walk around with tissues.

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