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Tiananmen - 20 Years Later



I remember Tiananmen - I was in School then. I was originally planning to study Chinese, and I changed my mind when the massacre made me aware of what a stranglehold the regime had on civil liberties. And it still does so - just because China has embraced capitalism, society hasn't become freer. Remember Tiananmen.



Don't hate the chinese. They had balls big enough to stop tanks.
what really happened http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SB70mWXrzEE


I tried to post a pick of him, but that didn't go through. Thanks for posting about 'tank man'.



Our Senate and Congress voted 535 to 0 back in '89 to allow any Chinese students in the USA to stay here if they chose to do so. Bush #1 vetoed the bills. Hope he rots in hell. Both Bush presidents were criminals.


True that.



It was such a powerful movement, the government had to bring in soldiers from the rural areas of the country to squash the protest. Even the local soldiers would not move against the protesters. It had a powerful impact and the world will not forget, no matter how much the Chinesse government would like them to.

Let us not forget the Kent State University Massacre, power hungry politicians are world wide. Every living person must be vigilant of their own governments misuse of power. I remember nothing happening to anyone involved in those killings either. Not one of the students was with 100 yards of the guardsmen that opened fire for thirteen seconds on unarm students.

There are no safe places from those in powerful positions. Power corrupts, absolutely!!!