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Thyrolean and strength

Howdy folks. I’ve been lurking on this forum for a couple of weeks now and have found lots of good information. I’m in my late 30’s and have been lifiting for 2 yrs now. I’m not willing to label myself a T-man just yet, but I’ve managed to make some significant renovations to the ol’bod. Not where I want to be but I’m on the road. Anyway, I’ve been in a fat stripping phase using a ECA stack for help. My stregth has continued to go up although very slowly during this phase. 2 wks ago I decided to try adding Metobolic Thyrolean to the stack. Suddenly my strength started making significant gains. I had to stop the thyrolean a couple days ago as I started to have dizziyneness and anxiety. My question is what was in the thyrolean to cause this strength gain? Maybe I could supplement with just that element. Could it be the phosphates? Thanks.

I’ve noticed strength gains after taking Thryrolean 3-4 capsules an hour before training with 1-3 reps. Maybe the tyrosine. I also drink a protein shake while I train, and I though that would interfere with it. I found that Thyrolean did nothing to make me any leaner. But it definitely makes me stronger. You could try Power Drive, that has tyrosine in it.

I certainly don’t know what in Thyrolean could increase strength. I tend to suspect coincidence: if you have 100 guys using a product that let’s say does have other effects but does not enhance strength, several of them will happen to see a really nice strength gain happen coincident with their use of the product. So, in a magazine or forum with lots of readers, there will be several who had this experience. On the other hand, you may indeed be on to something. I would stay off it for a while, then try again and see if the same thing happens.

Main reason I answered though was to throw out a piece of trivia I think is interesting though most people don’t know: guggulsterone is, guess what, a steroid!

Not an androgen (so that’s not the reason for the strength increase) but a steroid nonetheless.

BTW, so is protodioscin (active ingredient of Tribex.)

So about half the Biotest lineup is steroids! :slight_smile:

Not surprising, because steroids are very interesting molecules that can have quite a wide range of properties.