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Thyrolean and Ketosis

Ive read up on Prolab’s Thyrolean and it seems it contains a whole lot of phosphates for the purpose of making your body think that enough calories are being taken in (or as it says in its information sheet). Im just wondering if using this product would keep the body from going into ketosis, making the body think that it is getting plenty of calories. If so, seems like this product would be useless in the Fat Fast diet, because it would perhaps prevent ketosis. Would I be better off using MD6 when pursuing this diet? What are some thoughts?

Don’t worry about the idea of Thyrolean
interfering with ketosis… a ketogenic
diet with Thyrolean works very well.

I have gotten excellent results both
from using Thyrolean stacked with ephedrine
and caffeine, and from using MD6. I can’t
really tell you which is better in terms
of results… they both work very well. Which
you prefer has more to do with whether
ephedrine is a little annoying to you because
of jitters, etc. (in which case you’d prefer
MD6), or whether you just love ephedrine (in
which case you’d prefer Thyrolean plus ephedrine, or MD6 plus ephedrine), whether
you are an average or above-average responder to yohimbine (in which case you’d prefer MD6)
or subaverage (where it wouldn’t matter), etc.