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I am about to do a cycle of Cynomel stacked with clenbuterol.
Can someone tell me how to cycle the thyroids to where it
doesnt shut my thyroid down after I cycle off.

You can’t. There is NO way to effectively
use Cytomel without some inhibition of TSH
and some loss of endogenous T4, T3 levels.

Even at Bill’s 12.5mg per day schema, you will
still have inhibition.

So what?!?

It comes back withing 2-6 weeks (normal levels) unless you have been using retardedly high levels of Cytomel for stupid lengths of time.

All my clients get the same speech - do not use Cytomel for more than 4-6 weeks.

I think clen is useless and offers nothing more than the ECA stack does or MD-6.