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Thyroid - The Next Step


Hey there everyone.

Now that I am waiting for the dust to settle on my TRT dosages (pretty close to finalizing doses on AI) I am looking at the next piece of the puzzle, namely my thyroid. (to recap, I am supporting adrenals and doing TRT)

So, I have had blood work done for my thyroid. Before I list the results, one caveat, the pathologists have indicated that my results point to euthyreosis, which I take to mean that I am euthyroid??? I have asked Dr. Google and I cannot figure out what euthyreosis means…I have read the T3 study that KSman linked in his Thyroid basics sticky and I am excited for relief.


S-TSH 1.37 uIU/ml (0.35 - 4.94)
S-FT3 5.1 pmol/L (2.6 - 5.7)
S-FT4 14.7 pmol/L (9.0 - 19.0)
Thyroglobulin 12.8 ug/L (<55)
TG Anti bodies 1.97IU/ml ( <4.11)

I did not test RT3 as it is prohibitively expensive at the moment, but given my symptoms and what triggers RT3, I would venture an educated guess that my RT3 would at least be elevated.

Triggers for elevated RT3 experienced (not all at the same time): water fasting (40 days) / juice fasting (30 days) / starvation diets (as and when) / constant business stress / financial stress / death of a loved one / moving house / modern lifestyle and so the list goes on.

Symptoms: too many to list but it is like looking at myself in the mirror when I read this list (apart from the lady bits of course): hypothyroidmom.com/300-hypothyroidism-symptoms-yes-really/

So, what I intend to do now is to maintain a list of temperatures over a week and see where the average temperatures leave me seeing as this seems to be the better diagnostic tool.

Wish me luck :grinning:


Waking: 36.5 - 36.7
Mid Afternoon : 37 - 37.2

Date / Time / Temp (the first measurement should be at waking BTW)
09/03/2016 / 05:30 AM / 36.7 (98.06) On target
09/03/2016 / 15:00 PM / 37.2 (99.00) On target
09/03/2016 / 21:00 PM / 36.7 (98.06) This was 3hrs after a gym session… Too low
10/03/2016 / 09:30 AM / 37.1 (98.80) forgot to measure upon waking… oops … On target
10/03/2016 / 15:00 PM / 36.8 (98.26) I am not liking the inconsistency
11/03/2016 / 05:30 AM / 36.6 (97.9)
11/03/2016 / 09:00 AM / 37.0 (98.60)
11/03/2016 / 12:00 PM / 37.1 (98.78) (Split my Iodine dosing into 3, with selenium every time)


I would like to ask though, given the above lab results, that if my temps are okay then my thyroid is working as it should and that T3 supplementation would not be necessary?


As far as this noob knows, your numbers and temps look great. If you are really concerned about rT3, you can search for an alternate lab, I have seen advertised prices for rT3 testing as low as 60$.


Somehow I doubt you are a noob :smiley:

Thanks for the reply though. I also got the impression that the numbers and temps look good, I will try to measure for a week to see about any fluctuations though.

My understanding, although it may be flawed, is that if rT3 is elevated then temps should be low even if fT3 is high…so, if temps are okay then all is well with the thyroid, or have I missed something in translation?


Your fT3 is quite above midrange. So body temps should be good. Please check to see that someone else can get 98.6 on that thermometer, that is a good to have confidence that the thermometer readings are OK.

Your body temps are reasonably good.


Thanks KSman, I have decided to go and buy a new digital thermometer just to be sure…mine is 15 years old :flushed:

But will also check to see that others in the family can reach 37 / 98.6 with the new unit to be sure and to have confidence in the readings



There is a problem with digital thermometers. Most are from China are least cost manufacturing. We are interested in 10ths of a degree and repeatability. Many units are not good enough. The main problem is that the feature of fast reading is achieved by been predictive instead of getting an absolute reading after one or two minutes. The thermometers for women that are used to detect ovulation provide absolute readings.

Some pharmacies now have glass thermometers that use a liquid metal, not mercury. Those are quite good and seem to be made in Germany.


Right, have the new unit, and others in the family are able to reach 37…so I am happy with it.

What I would like to know is what variance in temps throughout the day is acceptable? I see plenty up and down, which I do not believe is good.

I am averaging 98.4 so far which is slightly below the minimum average suggested by Dr Wilson of 98.6. What would be the max allowed? I see plenty of info on the minimum but not much on the maximum…or is the target 98.6 exactly?


Sorry KSman, I missed your post.

I agree with you on the digitals. However, the new unit and the old unit reach the same readings, one made in Spain the other in China (of course)

They will have to do until I find a better option…