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Thyroid Test? T3/T4?

I told my doc (family) I wanted a thyroid test.
T3 & T4 to check up on my kind of elevated TSH (4.4)

He said he would only do a Ultra sensitive TSH,
T4, and Free T4.

He said NO NEED for T3. He actually went on to say that a T3 request would cuase problems with my insurance because it was not warranted.

Only T4 test were relevant for elevated TSH. ???

Is he right ??? Or should I find another Doc before I have the blood drawn.

I keep telling him I wanted to see the complete thyroid profile, but he would not budge on the issue.

Most T3 is produced in the liver through the conversion of T4. Measuring T4 is a direct measure of thyroid function, whereas measuring T3 is only an indirect look into thyroid function. Look to the direct methods first, and then start branching out if results warrant it.

I understand his theory … but I would think that a “Complete” profile done the first go around makes more sense. This Doc is BY THE BOOK on everything.

Am I asking too much of this guy ???