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Thyroid T3 Medication Advice

Getting ready to start TRT at 160mg test cyp per week. Once shot per week. No AI. 100iu HCG week (one shot)

Based on these labs; my doc wants to treat low T3 /Reverse T3 ratio with Compounded T3, 10mcg day

TT -483 ng/dl
SHBG -73
FT -57pg/ml
Free T3 - 2.7
Reverse T3 - 19.2
e2 -16.9

I’m not sure about this…My GP says that my readings are within normal and would not advise T3 treatment. What are my options?

Your thyroid is not optimal. With rT3 of 19, you want a free T3 of at least 3.8. Several options.

  1. optimize thyroid
  2. start TRT only
  3. start TRT and thyroid
  4. do nothing

Cannot really say what to do without knowing more about you.

I think I would go with test for now, add thyroid later based on symptoms/how you feel. Free T3 of 2.7 is not good. Why hCG? 100IU/week hardly worth it?

Regarding “within normal” your test is within normal. What’s the GP say about that?

Do a repeat thyroid panel. I would not go off of one lab With hormones that fluctuate

Free T3 below midrange can affect the results of TRT, I would start TRT in isolation and see how you progress, if you respond well to TRT that would mean your body is happy with the thyroid hormones being produced.

You have to understand how doctors are trained, they are taught to treat the reference ranges and ignore the patients symptoms. So within the normal ranges doesn’t always mean symptoms will be present the moment you dip below ranges, often symptoms will occur in the lower normal range for testosterone and thyroid.

Most doctors would say a Free T3 of 2.0 is normal and no treatment is needed, yet the moment you score 1.9, now that take action as if there’s a sharp line that when crossed symptoms are present. It’s robotic to think like this and replaces the need for analytical thought and critical thinking.

It’s how doctors can see 20-30 patients in an 8 hour shift.