Thyroid Storm

I read about a condition called “thyroid storm”
where your heart starts racing from too high
thyroid levels.At what dosage could this happen?Thyroid hormones have long half-lives
so it would propably take forever to go away
once you get it.
Bill Roberts,what do you say?

I’m curious about this too. Sounds like a good way to cut up… lol j/k!

This happened to someone very close to me due to an overactive thyroid. It is very disturbing her heart rate went to 120-140 per min and stayed there for over a week. She did lose a lot of weight during this time but it is very distrubing. If you have a pre-existing genetic possibility of Thyroid problems do not touch anything that can off-balance it. In the case I am talking about it never went back to normal they had to kill her thyroid and she is still having problems from this. Be CAREFULL. Check your family history and see if it is common in your genetics.

It is possible for the (in my opinion) idiots
who use dosages like 200 mcg/day of T3 to get away with it without thyroid storm because they work up to it and I suppose their receptors downregulate, so, if they work up to it, ultimately 200 mcg/day may have no more effect than 50 mcg in a person who has not so abused the drug.

Also perhaps some individuals are more tolerant than others.

I don’t know what dose, with no working up to it, is the lowest that gives risk of thyroid storm. I believe our recommendations are safe but even so, the part about starting with minimim dose, 1 capsule, should definitely be followed.

Speaking of thyroid does anyone know how strong T2 is compared to T3?? I notice the T2 comes in 50 mcg capsules and T3 comes in I believe 25 mcg…So how much T2 would one have to take to equal the 12.5 mcg dosage of T3 that Bill was advocating?

Kelly, the estimation is that each 3 mcg of T2 is comparable in metabolic effect to 1 mcg of T3.

I don’t want to say, at this time, that any dose of T2 is going to suitable for ongoing every-day use (no need to cycle) while being effective as is the 12.5 mcg/day of T3 protocol. That just isn’t demonstrated yet. Rather, Brock, Tim, and I all agreed that T2 should, at least at this time, be cycled as on the label, 4 weeks on followed by at least 4 weeks off, to guarantee safety. Within that framework, lower doses will of course be less suppressive, and I feel that if you can get good results on 1 capsule per day as many will, then that is to be preferred to higher doses.