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Thyroid Results


Had some thyroid blood work done recently - felt bit cold extremities, brain fog, low energy levels. I have never limited my salt intake (iodized sea salt) and take a multivitamin that includes both iodine and selenium.

Doc says everthing is normal… in range but I don’t quite feel normal…


These could be related to other hormones. I think you should get a panel that includes total testosterone, free Test, Estradiol, etc. Similair to these parameters:



I have these test results on hand - will have to get some others done


What I see is that your prolactin is high, your estrogen is high, and your test is only mid range. All of your symptoms could be related to these issues.

I suggest you ask @physioLojik, who is a trained Endo to look and give you his thoughts. He has been awesome for a lot of guys on this board and helped them out.


Doctors only care about in range, they do not care about symptoms. If thyroid hormones or testosterone is near the bottom of the ranges you can expect symptoms, unfortunately sick care doctors treat levels out of range.

You can always go private and once you become a cash paying customer the doctors springs into action, ditch the scam that is insurance healthcare.

Your insurance plan plays a big part whether you get approved for treatment, lousy insurance moves the goal posts to make it nearly impossible to get treatment.


I’ve been checking body temp (under tongue) for past few days multiple times in a day. Range is 95.5 - 97.2 probably explains why I have cold extremeties and intolerance… I guess there might be some hypothyroid issue… strange part is I have the metabolism of a horse - stay pretty lean year around without effort.