Thyroid Results

OK, got the results back from my thyroid tests. I just wanted to see how they were since I’m dieting and my body temp is at 35.6C (96.08F), just a tad low… even with thermogenics in me I can’t get it back up. So here they are: TSH 2.2 mU/L (Range: 0.40 - 4.00), free thyroxine [T4] 17 pmol/L (Range: 10 - 20 (on T4 15 - 30)), free T3 4.9 pmol/L (Range: pmol/L). All that seems kinda normal I suppose, even though I was Fat Fasting and keto dieting at the time, and had heaps of ECA and a bit of clen in me in the few weeks leading up to it. I’m still gunna take 50mg of T4 (thyroxine) for about 10 days though. Stack a little clen with it (not that it ever really does anything for me), up the calories a tad and see what happens. Any comments? Cheers, Mark-AUS.