Thyroid Results After Iodine Replenishment

I created this topic mainly to be informative on people who is planning of doing the IR. Of course , this doesn’t mean the outcome will be the same for everyone.

Below results are after 1 month use of 25mg Iodoral daily. I also ate 4-5 brazil nuts a day for 3 weeks which i stopped after advise here since it was too much.

T4 6.05 ug/dL
Free T4 1.15 ng/dL
T3 *76 ng/dL (below range)
Free T3 2.49 pg/mL
TSH 4.01 uIU/mL

I am aware that the increased TSH is natural due to high iodine intake but my FT3 and FT4 haven’t changed much. If anything , they are worse.

Below test results are just before i started IR :
T4 5.52 ug/dL
Free T4 1.17 ng/dL
T3 *78 ng/dL (below range)
Free T3 2.59 pg/mL
TSH 2.95 uIU/mL

Should these results be considered as the final outcome after IR or should i cut the iodine intake and wait for about a month and take another blood test?

Or should i just forget about the IR and begin taking a T4 med as it was advised from couple of guys here like @mr.inquisitive ? Please keep in mind that yesterday i just started my new TRT protocol of 50mg Enanthate twice a week. Maybe i should wait to see the effects of this protocol before jumping to T4 meds? Just an idea.

My background story : Life Ruined After Nebido. What Now?

The iodine supplementation didn’t much of anything, everything across the board is low, even T4 which should be mid-range and is low, therefore T3 and Free T4 are low. Your thyroid isn’t producing enough raw thyroid hormones giving you little to work with to increase T3 and Free T4.

You should be considering T3+T4 medicine, T4 only medicine on average is less effective.

Maybe first to try Thyroid Armor?

Wait what? I regularly eat bags of Brazil nuts. Whats wrong with them?

You should not eat more than 4 per day they get toxic

Thank you @systemlord !

I was under the impression that with my thyroid levels i only needed T4 med such as Synthroid due to the replies on my other thread. Now i am confused :frowning:

I wonder what is the equivalent of that in Europe.

I think some Greek Pharmacist is selling it need to dig into that

In a perfect world, yes. Many hypothyroid patients have conversion issues and do better with T3/T4 combo protocols.

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For example I have optimal T4, but suboptimal T3 and a lot of Reverse T3

@vonko1988 What is considered “a lot of RT3” ?

Mine was 132.2 pg/mL 90-215 pg/mL.

Thank you @highpull
So i assume that jumping directly to T3+T4 combo meds without trying T4 only med first is a better solution.

I will look for equivalent of Armour Thyroid in Europe then.

Go to Stopthethyroidmadness and do some reading before you take anything.

Mine is 320 :smiley:

I think so.

Yes I agree. Google Armour thyroid review and drugsrx or whatever it is has over a thousand reviews. Most are people that were on T4 only for years that switched over and fell like their life began again. Very reassuring

Reassuring indeed. I wish we had Armour Thyroid in Europe though.
It’s a Rx drug in US right?

Yeah but you can get it. Google aipct. There is also nature thyroid

You are considering T4 only medicine and don’t even have Revese T3 testing and therefore if elevated would mean you have a conversion problem, common of people who are hypothyroid.

I actually have Reverse T3 but it’s from 2 months ago and i mentioned it above.

Do you think it’s low enough? With RT3 is it best to be closest to lowest level of the reference range?

With the lowish total numbers you have, I’d be surprised if rt3 was high anyways. It’s actually a useful marker for hyperthyroid, as the body tries to get rid of all the hormones its producing in any ways possible.

I’ve taken both t4 and armour (or more specifically thyroid-S from Thailand) off and on for years. Personally, I prefer t4. Considering t4 a prohormone is simplistic, imo.

The comparison as I’ve come to see it, is, if you take armour, you’ll have bottom of the range total T4 and a volatile t3 (free and total) that will go up and down around your dosing. tsh will be close to zero once the dose gets high enough. With bloods like this it’s hard to go by bloods.

If you take t4, it’s tough to say what’s happening to it. I have found conversion or tissue t3 tough to test for. If I’m curious about it, I test everything I can: free and total t3, and rt3 but I often still don’t find this helpful.

Compared to normal production; an “average human” at 70 kg, supposedly makes 100 mcg of t4 and 6 mcg of t3 per day. Notably, t4 is ~70% absorbed and t3 is ~95% absorbed. So the 38/9 mcg of t4/t3 in armour, post absorption, may only be 27/9 t/t3 or a 3/1 ratio, which is far from the 16/1 that humans rely on.

If you truly “don’t convert,” then you might want to know why. It could be genetic (there’s at least one gene you can test for) or it might be another issue you need to deal with. Insulin resistance, for example.

I’ve mixed them off and on too. 1 grain of armour with 75 mcg of t4, for example. Just a few ideas for you. Ultimately, it’ll likely be up to your doctor unless you self-medicate.

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