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Thyroid Question?


I've posted on here before with labs reagrding my low T. I thought maybe I also had a thyroid issue. Just got thyroid labs in and everything seems okay. So I know I have low T and am a month into treatment. I'm still getting really irritable around wife and kids along with the hormonal ups and downs. Also, last time I check my Cholesterol was still high even with Statin Therapy. What else should I look into that could be causing my symptoms? Is it possible to have symptoms without any underlining medical cause and if so what would some treatment options be? Here are my thyroid labs. I'm currently taking 100 mg Test cyp 1x per week, 1mg Arimidex divided into 2 times per week. Also take Tricor and Crestor for Cholesterol.
TSH: 1.17 (0.35-5.50)
Free T4 1.25 (0.76-1.70)
Free T3 3.30 (2.3-4.2)


Try injecting more frequently than 1x/week. Use divided doses. That should help to even things out a bit.

Give it time.


Thyroid numbers look great. You can still do the waking body temps and if low, you then have a reason to test rT3. If ferritin is low, that has thyroid implications. Gut diseases can cause blood loss that lowers ferritin. Other markers of that would show up in a CBC, complete blood count.

Yes, you need to inject more often. This is where injecting small amounts with insulin needles is useful - see the stickies.

If total cholesterol is too low, many problems can occur. You probably have low energy levels from statin induced CoQ10 deficiencies. Find a CoQ10 product that is "ubiquinol", an improvement to basic oral Coq10. Suggest 50mg, but take 100mg for two or three weeks to make any changes more evident. Total cholesterol around 150 or lower is associated with increased all-cause mortality. Life expectancy is reduced. Ideal total cholesterol is considered to be around 180 with a healty HDL level.

Low CoQ10 can eventually lead to congestive heart failure, so then you do not die of a heart attack. Early signs of this process is a nagging persistent cough that never goes away. I ID'd that in someone earlier this year and ubiquinol made that go away, as well as some joint pain. One can also have muscle pains from statin drugs lowering CoQ10. Statins can also cause mental confusion and/or libido problems. CoQ10 may resolve those condition as well to some extent.

CoQ10 is important for proper mitochondrial function and you cannot live well without that. As well as CoQ10, one can take acetyl-l-carnitine, lipoic acid, b-vits, anti-oxidants, fish oil and others.


Low choleseterol is also indicative of heavy metals, fat malabsorption, thicken or stagnant bile production, gut or systemic inflammation, chronic virus or bacterial infection, adrenal imbalance, starvation,or genetics


Hardasnails, the author of this thread said he had high cholesterol, not low cholesterol. Did you read that right?

Oceanminded, do you take any iodine? How is digestion? Phil, probably one of the most experienced TRT users now cannot walk and he claims that his doctors told him statins did this to him. lol

Do you have any other symptoms like indigestion or irregular bowel movements?


I know phil and talk to him ever week. I was the one that started him on ubiquinol after his ordeal, but 100 mgs a day was not enough unfortunately, but it did save him properly alot of agony if you did not have any in the first place.

Yes I did, but also statins can drive cholesterol way down and statin drugs can cause depression, and also demylination of nerves which can cause for some irrreverisble nerve damage.

Cholesterol issues for 90% of the people are thyroid or insulin driven.
Again your are only looking at the free levels. One needs to look at both free and totals thyroid, reverse t-3, TBG, TPO, TGAB, ferritin , b-12 and other parameters to get a true picture of thyroid function. Some times people are just genetically screwed..