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Thyroid Meds

is anybody on sythoroid for fat loss my t3 is very low dr. is talking about me taking it was curious to see if anyone had a similair experiance?

Synthroid is T4 not T3. Cytomel is T3. Also you could take Armour Thyroid instead. It is a natural product that contains all the various thyroid hormones.
Most doctors stopped using it however when the synthetics like synthroid and cytomel came out. Also, dr’s usually use your tsh level as the indicator of your thyroid activity not your t4. Has your dr. done any tests to see why your thyroid is low. For more information try the following websites: Webmd.com and thyroid.about.com.

I echo cowpaddi’s advice on the websites.

You don’t get thyroid replacement meds for fat-loss (I hope your doc hasn’t put it this way). Carrying excess fat could be a symptom of your thyroid problems, but the medication is to treat the thyroid condition, which in turn should balance out your metabolism, potentially inducing fat loss.


The thyroid is self-regulating so it almost always goes in response to another problem. My advice is to have a complete hormonal panel done and speak to an expert endocrinologist. 99 out of 100 times if you find out what the root of the problem is and solve it, the thyroid will return itself to normal function.