Thyroid Levels on TRT

Hi folks.

Has anyone experienced a shift in Thyroid levels after a few weeks of trt?
My morning temperature has been consistently low in recent weeks.

It’s common to see a person with what looks like a good performing thyroid only show this isn’t the case after TRT attempts to restore metabolic rates only then does the thyroid show its true colors. TSH usually increases after starting TRT because demand is greater, low testosterone is like an engine idling at a traffic light, once you start picking up speed things look quite a bit different.

My TSH went from .6->.9 after starting TRT.

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I don’t think i noticed any type of shift my doctor just told me that he would like to see my numbers in a better place because I was always tired and he started me on cytomel and I have set a lot better

Don’t use temp as your gauge bro. It’s not accurate. Use symptoms and lab results. Especially If you are on trt and have tried different doses under the supervision of a good doctor.

If you have fatigue and exhaustion and trt isn’t seeming to make any change I would go get labs . Honestly I would do it regardless. It’s a hormone most men overlook.

I haven’t found or been referred To any evidence showing trt causes thyroid problems. I’ve heard it many times, but not one doctor I know has ever mentioned this happens. If it was true thyroid and trt would be the norm for everyone.

If anything the obvious is clear when trt doesn’t do what you expected. It’s a toss of a coin when it comes to why what happens. People make guesses and it passes through the internet grapevine. I would remember this as you continue your journey and do not trust anything without actual scientific literature / proof and logic.

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