Thyroid Labs Inside - What Type of Dose Increase Do I Need?

  • I am on 25 mg of synthyroid and taking 200 mcg of selenium daily. prior to taking the synthyroid my TSH was around 4.3 a few months ago. I have had some improvements in my hair and skin.
  • From what i understand I should be aiming for a tsh closer to 1. What sort of increase should i push for based on my labs? Should i increase my synthyroid or try to get some t3? seeing the doctor at lunch tomorrow so would appreciate the help.
  • if anyone has any papers that demonstrate that TSH should be around 1, or any other paper relevant to my treatment. I would appreciate it, so i could show that to my doctor.

Tsh 3.21 mIu/L (0.24-4)

Free T4 14.3 pmol/L (10-25)

Free T3 5.5 pmol/L (3.5-6.5)

*Did not take synthyroid on morning of test

You really need total t3 and total t4 too. Especially for subclinical hypothyroidism.

If those are still on the very low end of normal, you may need an increase in the medication.

Target TSH 1 is just a numbee. Close to 2 is fine if you feel ok and total t3 and t4 are good. Good that your free t3 is really good.

Am in your boat. My TSH near 3. Free t3 good but total numbers low. I hope Endo gives me t4.
I don’t think you need t3 that complicates things.