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Thyroid Issues

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My post:
Been following this thread for a while, having some of the symptomps related to thyroid problems. Mainly energy deprived, cold hands and feet regardsless of ambient temperature and low metabolism. Anyway I monitored my bodytemperatures during the last 16 days.

Morning temperature average: 97,0. Highest: 97,7. Lowest: 95,7.
Afternoon temperature average: 97,1. Highest: 97,9. Lowest: 95,7

So basically my morning temp. is what KSman defines as a problem, and the afternoon temps. almost doesn’t increase and is on some days even lower then measured morning temp.

I figure I’ll try IR and see how it goes. Any comments are greatly appreciated. Living in Denmark I’d have to order the IR from UK and get it shipped unfortunately.

To answer KSman’s questions:

You have not been using iodized salt?

  • Not for as long as I can remember.

Do you eat much seafood?

  • None

Can you get labs for TSH, fT3, fT4?

  • Maybe I could, I’m not sure, never had any bloodwork done before. Not sure what they will let you know/see at the doctors here in Denmark

Is your thyroid enlarged, asymmetric or lumpy?

  • Not as far as I can tell

Are your outer eyebrows sparse?

  • No

I ordered Iodoral + Selenium off ebay, so I’ll probably be starting IR next weekend.

Get iodized salt for the table and cooking. Others in your house will also be deficient and you can have then check their body temperatures.

I’m 25, living by myself, so unfortunately that is not an option.