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Thyroid Issues to Affect LH and Testosterone?

Hi. I will seek a qualified medical opinion at the end of the month, but I liked also to hear your oppinions about it.

What about the option that a bit under-active thyroid causes sub-optimal LH and testosterone?

Last summer I was diagnosed with a thyroid node, non-cancerous, a biopsy was made. They tested these hormones and said they are in range:

TSH 1.2 mIU/L 0.3-4.0
FT4 19.3 pmol/L 9-24

TAT(Anti-Tig) 42.4 lU/ml <125

Yes, I know very little tests. I examined my thyroid node on ultra sound December 2018 and again 01.04 this year. April they made me more tests:

TSH 1.4 mU/L 0.27 - 4.20
T4, Free 1.59 ng/dL 0.93 - 1.70
Anti - TPO 6.32 U/mL < 5.61

As we can see Anti-TPO is elevated, but the doctors said NO PROBLEM!

Then I started to read about thyroid and found out nobody tested my T3 and Reverse T3 and I tested them myself in June(last month):

Free T3 (fT3) S 2.88 ng/l 2 - 4.40 ECLIA
Reverse T3 S 325 pg/ml 90 - 215 RIA

Seems T3 is not terrible, but not great. As I know it should be above 3.50 to be optimal. Also there is too much Reverse T3.

Is it possible the thyroid cause sub-optimal LH and FSH?

All the time so far I’ve digged into my pituitary, but seems the original problem may not be there…

Free T3 may look acceptable but clearly a portion of it is inactive do to high Reverse T3, Free T3 is pooling at the receptor do in part to elevated Reverse T3. I believe your doctors are clinging to the TSH which we know isn’t the most reliable biomarker for thyroid status.

You may have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis as indicated by Anti-TPO, your immune system is attacking your thyroid and you have an autoimmune disease and eventually your thyroid will be destroyed if in fact Hashimoto’s. in the eyes of your doctors it doesn’t rise to the level of sick “yet”.

Still the doctors should be taking action to either treat the autoimmune disease or treat the thyroid. It seems easy to get drugs prescribed, viagra or cialis no problem, but when it comes to thyroid medicines or TRT (“hormones”), these treatments seem to be the most difficult to get and are more natural the drugs, the medical industry is driven by prescription drugs, not hormones.

The sick care system is tasked with keeping you alive, the sick care system is terrible at treating chronic conditions and excels at treating acute conditions.

Are you sure this slightly elevated anti-tpo means Im developing hashimoto?

Because several endocrinologists claimed to me it does not mean that. Not that I trust them much. Defy also have overlooked this.

Im setting up to consult dr Keith Nichols at the end of the month. He puts a lot of attention on the thyroid.

Do you think the thyroid issues could be causing the suboptimal LH and consequently suboptimal testosterone?

It’s normal to have antibodies slightly elevated because like skin, the immune system needs to remove dead dying tissue and replace it with new tissue, I had slightly elevated antibodies and Dr Saya said is was likely normal.

It could just be that your immune system is strong and removing dead tissue at a fast pace. The elevated Reverse T3 is another area of concern, you do not want it elevated. See if you can find out what’s causing it to be elevated.

My elevated Reverse T3 was being caused by high insulin levels, I decreased my insulin levels and Reverse T3 decreased. My insulin levels were elevated because testosterone was low and I was not driving glucose into muscle tissue.

Doctors use their best judgment, it’s not always 100%, we are human.

It’s hard to say because we see men with hypothyroidism and optimal LH.

So you suggest the elevated Anti - TPO may or may not mean development of Hashimoto? I guess thats why all doctors so far burshed it away including dr Saya.

For this reason I want to hear also the opinion of dr Nichols on that, but first will run FULL blood work again - testosterone related stuff, all thyroid staff, and other things so we can compare the results in time.

Seems I have issues both in pituitary and thyroid, maybe not very serious yet but enough to make me feel symptomatic, have sub-optimal T levels and so on. No doctor so far could tell which of the two glands could cause the problems in the other and it may not be possible to answer. I’ve read a lot on the matter but could not understand which gland controls the other, seems like a two way connection to me.

To be honest I’m much more keen to start thyroid treatment even with hormones because this will not threaten my fertility. Of course I will not start anything on my own. No matter how much I read and try to educate myself this is not my job to decide, just I want a really knowledgeable doctor to make that decision and I think I will be going to the right guy now.

High Reverse T3 is indicating there is a problem, then you have suboptimal Free T3. It’s possible you thyroid is just underperforming and anti-TPO is just your immune system replacing dead tissue, 10-15% of normal individuals have high anti-TPO.

There are some people who need Free T3 higher than mid-range to feel normal, the same can be said for testosterone.

It’s not. You’re chasing a phantom. You have low T, you have better thyroid numbers than most people, and good luck trying to fix what’s broken by messing with what isn’t.

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Are you not on TRT right now?
LH and FSH means nothing if you are injecting.

No Im not yet

Some doctor in a fb group told me if the body temperature at morning is less than 97.5(which seems quite high to me) then most likely Im hypo. Mine was like 95.30

By the way I always feel cold compared to me colleagues at the office. At summer I fight with them to turn off the air conditioners and at winter to increase them.

Women normally are colder than men in an air conditioner building which are set according to men’s body temperatures and faster metabolism. Thyroid hormones, Free T3 drives metabolism.

My body temps are 97.4 in the morning.

I feel colder even compared to most women, there are some exception like me ex girfriend she was colder even than me.

I like to feel warm, but also do not have tolerance to extreme hotness - like on the beach at noon I go to some bar because I cannot stay even under umbrella at the hottest hours on the beach.

Seems all of this may have something to do with the thyroid, and I guess with the testosterone as well?

Testosterone increases blood flow expanding your veins, increases hematocrit, RBC carrying oxygen to your tissues, thyroid is supposed to regulates body temperatures.

So testosterone should have nothing to do to me feeling cold all the time?

You don’t tolerate heat either. If you had a thyroid issue it wouldn’t go both ways. You’re just a sensitive guy.