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Thyroid Issue Worth Checking Out?

Hi all,

Been feeling run down lately more than usual and took my temp 5 days ago thinking I was sick. Come to find out that my temp was very low so I started monitoring it everyday at different times to see if there was a pattern. 8am temp checks are coming in at 95.3 to 95.6, mid days are 97.3 to 97.5 and late day they are 96.5 to 96.9. Other people in the house are testing at 97 or 98 throughout the day on the same thermometer. Could this indicate a possible thyroid issue? I do get 100% of my iodine and selenium needs through a daily vitamin so I should be good there. Symtoms include always feel like I am tired, some libido and ED issues and slight brain fog. Within the past year my TSH has come out between 1 and 1.2 and my TRT protocol is below. What do you guys think?


140 mg test a week, inject 3 days
HCG 250iu 3 times a week

TT - 1060
FT - 27
E2 - 40
Standard Lab Corp ranges

Low temp could point to a thyroid issue. That was the case for me.

But you need to do a full thyroid panel test to actually see how your thyroid is doing.

Which includes:
Free T4
Free T3
Reverse T3

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Thanks Kratom. Just got my numbers back on my thyroid. Looks like some of them are low and will need to speak with Defy on it. Might start taking some Iodine to get T3 and T4 higher to see if that will help with the fatigue, brain fog and body temp issues. Anyone have any idea on what more ideal numbers would look like?

T4 Free - 1.30 (.82 - 1.77 ng/dL)
TSH - 1.060 (.450 - 4.5 ulU/mL)
Reverse T3 - 14.3 (9.2 - 24.1 ng/dL)
Thyroglobulin Antibody - <1.0 (0-.9 IU/mL)
Thyroid Peroxidase TPO - 11 (0 - 34 IU/mL)
T3 Free - 3.0 (2.0 - 4.4 pg/mL)

IMO, you numbers look pretty good.

T4 free looks right in the middle.

TSH is at 1. Generally that is a good spot. Some say under 1, but you are super close to that.

Reverse T3 is about right. Under 15 is pretty good IMO.

Haven’t ever looked at the next two.

T3 Free a little less than mid range. Not great, but not terrible.

I would get labs again to have two data points. I take cytomel for high RT3 (about 25 pre cytomel), but I am in the process of tapering off of it, to see if my thyroid will be better at a lower body weight.

You don’t what super high free T3, it has down sides (hard on heart, harder to hold muscle).

Your numbers are actually great, and once more we see that the whole temperature thing is a stupid waste of time. Thanks Dr Wilson for getting that nonsense spread around so much.

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Thanks for taking a look fellas. Actually ended up buying some kelp iodine 325mcg anticipating on needing it from body temps and the fatigue symptoms. Any harm in taking it still just for thyroid support? Fatigue must be coming from quarantine ready to get the hell out! Body temps still a mystery if my numbers look good.

I would not. It can cause some guys problems.

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Yeah I would get an iodine test if you think you’re deficient.

What if lab test shows iodine deficiency and thyroid panel is “normal”. If symptomatic is iodine supplementation recommend.

question for a doc my friend. Iodine supplementation gone wrong can fuck you up permanently. Maybe supplementing with kelp caps is a safer route but not sure.

Your TSH is actually a bit on the lo side, but Fine. .4-4 Is normal level. I actually had an issue and my TSH was 19. I went on synthroid 100mcg and it went to 3, but after several months it was back up to 10 and I had to be raised again

TSH is meaningless. OP should care for FT3 and RT3.
@DJ87 I’d bring that FT3 to around 4.0-4.3 with NDT and see if you feel better. If nothing changes then thyroid isn’t your issue and you can stop taking NDT.

Thanks for the replies fellas, will talk with my GP about adding something. If not will go a different route.