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Thyroid, Iodine Replenishment, and Temp

I have had several previous posts before concerning my issues and problems(low t at 20) asking for help and I looked right through the obvious answer that KSman posted. I never thought about iodine because I always assumed it was processed foods and restaurants too until I read up. Then I realized, ever since I broke my arm when I was 11, I stopped putting salt on my food almost entirely. So no iodine hardly at all which could possibly explain a lot of symptoms.

Regardless, I started taking J. Crows Lugol’s iodine solution 2% about 4-6 weeks ago. I have been regularly taking arimidex at a dose of .2-.25 mg ever 3-4 days as I have lowered the dose significantly because I feel I killed my E too much. I started the adex because my T was quite low with high E and very low libido. Consistently my body temperatures were in the low 96s in the morning and typically reached a high of 97.3 tops. After supplementing about 4-15 drops a day for most days(researched at 2.5mg a drop?), I have noticed major changes since.

Im not sure if its from the iodine alone or a combination of effects because I cut down the adex, haven’t been taking as many of my prescribed adderall, and I have been taking astragalus(adrenal fatigue?) as well as life extensions natural prostate(helps prostate and flow, suppose to help MPB and reduce acne via DHT inhibitors that are proven). Most notably, my libido has greatly increased, hair feels thicker, more random and nocturnal wood, I have started stuttering a lot less for some reason, at first less acne, but now more(possibly from steam and grease at work), and my temperature did increase to some degree.

Now when I was up I am normally up to mid-high 96s, reach up to 98 at rest, and the highest I reach is 98.5 right after exercise. I was expecting my temperature to keep rising but it seems to have leveled out. One last thing of note is my protein count in my blood has increased significantly averaging around 7-7.4 instead of 5.7-6.3(the range they take for donations is 6-9). This tells me that my T has definitely increased and my E has been improved.

My question is what do you think will continue to happen, what caused it to happen the most, and will my temperatures ever return to normal?

What is the total mg’s of iodine consumed so far?

What changes in mental clarity? Feel like you woke up?

All sounds good so far, I wish that this was in your original thread for context.

As for the future…unknown.

Sounds like you had ‘word finding’ and that has improved. A good observation point of mental improvement.

Adrenal fatigue: -

  • never is a fast fix
  • rT3 can limit your response to IR or improved T or T:E status
  • this could be your limiting factor
  • if IR increases fT4, fT4–>rT3 can increase, another limit

As for total mgs, I don’t actually know but I would estimate an average of 15mgs per day, so a little over 100mgs a week. It has been around 2 months, so I should theoretically completely replenished my iodine by now. But even now in the evening my temperature rarely gets to 98 and is often still 95.5-96.2 in the am. I generally feel more focused and alert but I am also prescribed adderall so who knows how that generally affects me.

I know adderall is a vasoconstrictor and often makes my extremities even more cold than they already normally are. The main thing is I am hoping for the return of my hairline and I am hoping this will help along with my DHT inhibiting shampoo and DHT inhibiting supplements.

DHT is a good thing bro…

Yes I know dht is essential for growth and sexual function but I already have oily skin, moderate acne, receding hairline, and some gynecomastia. Probably all related to my natural low t levels (below range), high estrogen conversion, and high dht conversion as well as the unlucky gene responsible for mpd, especially at age 20… Thats why I want to limit t conversion and amortization to some degree.