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thyroid function

After reading about hypothyroidism, and seeing that I have many of the symptoms, I am considering going to a doctor and getting checked out.

I was wondering if anyone else out here might have gone through the same thing.If so, did you just go to a general practitioner or directly to a specialist in the field.Are there things you can do nutritionally to increase your thyroid function?Are there outside influences, other than taking too much cytomel or other thyroid drugs, that can impair function?Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.


A friend of mine went through some thyroid problems recently. He first had hyperthyroid, causing him to go from 195 down to 165, then somewhat mysteriously, his condition turned to hypothyroidism, and now he has to take synthetic thyroid in order not to balloon up. On the upside, he says he’s going to enter “body for life” using his new found (drug induced) power to control his weight. Supposedly the thyroid conditions he had were recessive genetic traits.
This little anecdote asside, see a damn endocrinologist. Either you’ll put your fears to rest or you’ll put yourself in a position to treat your problem. Either way, you are better off.

I am making an appointment for next week. This total lack of energy and motivation is bugging the hell out of me, not to mention the low body temp.Thanks for the input.