Thyroid, Estrogen and AST all High

I am on TRT (test 100 mg per week, hcg, and anastrozole)

Had my blood work done here are the numbers-

Total test 986 High
Free test 307 High
Bioavailable 658 High
Estrogen 201 High
Thyroid T3 Uptake 40 High
Thyroid T4 3.8 Low
AST 45 High

I did not list all the other numbers because they were all within “norm.” The above numbers are either listed as HIGH or LOW. I read TS Man’s post about thyroid issues. My question is, what the heck do I do about all this ^^^ and in layman’s terms what the heck does it mean? I am guessing the AST means my liver might have an issue (it is typically around 30). I know the Estrogen is up due to the high Test. But what should I make of this T3/T4 thing? And how do I address the AST? Should I reduce the test? Reduce the HcG? Increase the Anastrozle?

We need the context of your other posts, this is an orphan ;(

Need lab ranges.

Need fT3, fT4, not T3, T4
Need TSH
Need body temperatures and iodine intake as per thyroid basics sticky

You are going down the wrong path by assuming that lab normal means that things are OK, we need the data.

AST/ALT can be elevated by sore or damages muscles, so training can create high numbers.

When you inject once a week, levels change a lot. Labs need info about lab timing.

Do not test total estrogens, test E2

read the advice for new guys sticky