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Thyroid Basics Explained


So just to be clear, for IR you take 4 tablets daily, are’nt you?


Well and I have read that kelp iodine is not practical for IR, I have tablet 150 mcg each so I would have to eat 33 tablets a day to get to 50mg, is it a nonsense to do it with these ?


@KSman I have the same question as the guy above actually. How did you manage to get 50mg Iodine/day what sups did you use? All I can find is 200-300mcg iodine/day pills.




Just want to say Thankyou KSman.

Started taking a liquid idonine / iodide combo daily (33mg iodine 55mg iodide) and after 3/4 days so far already feel a noticable difference.

Can you take Iodine alongside Levothyroxine? Im reccomending Iodine to my Mother who has diagnosed hypothyroidism, since we live in the UK and dont use iodised salt, but she is taking Levo and her doctor has told her not to supplement with iodine?

Seems unusual.

Again, thanks.


Hay my body temps are slightly below where they should be, I’m getting 97.2 morning and 98.0 mid afternoon. How much iodine do I require and do I stop taking it once my temperatures normalize?



When you introduce iodine/IR, it is very important to have selenium.


With low thyroid function, mitochondria are slow, body temps fall, energy levels are down, every system in the body is affected, brain and libido for sure. Mitochondria burn less sugars and lipids/cholesterol from blood stream, insulin resistance and weight gain are expected and cholesterol increases. Our bodies are not perfect, we need to make sure that we avoid things that allow decline. Vit-D3 converts to Vit-D25 an essential steroid type hormone that has many effects as it is needed for proper gene expression. While fT3 directs mitochondria, CoQ10 enables and it made in the liver, some who take statin drugs to reduce cholesterol can have a resulting CoQ10 deficiency. Mitochondria make oxygen free radicals as a bi product of making thyroid hormones. The enzymes that clean the free radicals up have selenium as catalytic reaction sites in their structure. A lack of selenium leads to tissue damage and the immune system cleans up the wreckage but can mis-imprint the mess as foreign and then you have an auto-immune disease. High TSH+time+selenium_deficiency is a bad combo. Low iodine leads to high TSH. High TSH can lead to thyroid nodules that make thyroid hormones freely, not controlled by TSH feedback loop. So over time low iodine presents as hypothyroid but can progress to hyperthyroid. Very few doctors understand this progression and triggers.

When hypo from low/inadequate iodine, when introducing more iodine, this appears to be a period of high vulnerability if selenium deficient.

The medical community has forgotten the lessons of iodized salt from 95 years ago. The thyroid lab ranges mean that they do nothing until the pathology is really horrible. The thyroid lab ranges represent the base level of thyroid pathology in the community that was used to establish the ‘normal’ ranges and that process automatically determines that only 5% of the population can be considered unhealthy. If 100% of the population had cancer, that method would consider that cancer was normal.


Many take 1,2,3,4 12.5mg iodine tablets.

Taking 6.25 once a week would be a good maintenance dose, or less, along with iodized salt and/or vitamins.

If there is an age driven decline in thyroid function, one might need more than iodine later on. Iodine is not an absolute protection.


Thanks KSMan, I had read your stickies and started taking 220mcg selenium daily with the iodine (double dosed while I was taking higher iodine doses).

Can you comment on taking Iodine + selenium while on t4 meds?

Doctor treating my mums hypothyroidism seems clueless.


Quick question,

I keep reading conflicting things about Lugols iodine solution.
Some sources say it is used for hypothyroidism and others are saying it is used in hyperthyroidism to slow production of thyroid hormones.

Which is true?

Is this form of iodine safe for skin application for hypothyroidism?


Supplementing with iodine may help with subclinical hypothyroidism, but not full blown hypothyroidism. TSH will become of no diagnostic value if supplementing with iodine.

Skin application, never heard of such a thing.