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Thyroid and TRT



I have put lab results and body temps at the top of my post… would have copied and pasted them in here, but don’t know how to do that.


Has anyone successfully lowered RT3? If so how? I think the reason my TRT has not been super effective is I have not addressed my hypothyroid.


I haven’t, but I believe the way to lower rT3 is to take T3 only medicine?


Yeah same with me, everything is good but i still feel shit, this is down to high RT3 mine is at 450 {150-500}. I’d like to know. I’m on heaps of supplements. Zinc mag B3 iodine selenium plus more. My doc offered T3 but I’m scared of being on another medication for the rest of my life.


If it’s caused by antibodies. I recently came across an alternative medicine that claims to help lower thyroid antibodies called Thytrophin PMG. It’s bovine glandulars with the DNA removed that help redirect thyroid antibodies towards this ingested and take the attention off the thyroid giving it a chance to heal. Worth looking into.


This is likely a piece of the puzzle . I had all them symptoms - low libido, knackered/drained, depressed, zero confidence and lack of motivation for years driving my E2 low. I even had terrible thyroid type symptoms cold feet and penis. Work on raising that E2, under 44 pmol/L (0 - 192) is low.

I am not disputing them thyroid numbers, something is up in that department but sort that E2 problem out. Id switch to IM injections and no AI and run blood work again after say 6 weeks