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Thyroid and Supplementation

I have a female friend whom is a fitness competitor and she is trying to get into shape for a show in May. We have been discussing supplementation and proper nutrition. She has many female friends that have taken the Lipo6 supplement and had good results. The problem with this supplement for her is her thyroid basically doesn’t work. So she is afraid to try too many supplements that could affect her thyroid condition. After looking at the breakdown of what is in it, I quickly noticed that adrenlane and T3 production could be affected so she was smart to stay away from it and the fact that Biotest doesn’t sale it.

So that being said I asking to see if anyone had thoughts on Se7en and HOT-ROX for her. I realize that HOT-ROX has Yohimbine which may have issues, but I was hoping someone with a little more knowledge on the subject could help me out.


I don’t have a thyroid, and HOT-ROX did nothing for me. Took 4 one day, not a thing.

I am not sure if she has a thyroid, or just has thyroid problems. Her endocrinologist is probably the better person to talk to.

Hmm, my thyroid levels are at a perfect medium, and HOT-ROX is incredibly powerful to me.

I too have a female friend (she is my lifting partner) who has similar issues. She has Hashemoto’s and Adrenal failure mostly caused from cortisol issues related to stress. The Hashemoto’s is a heridetary auto-immune disease that she can’t get rid of, but you can’t fight it.

We too have been looking for something of the same nature and will be trying Seven/HOT-ROX in about a month. Currently taking a break from thermogenic/fat burner type products. I’m going to watch this thread closely for it’s response as I have great interest in this topic.

PM me if you want more info on what we’ve tried. She’s 150lbs and has a 300lb deadlift. Lb for Lb she’s the strongest chick in our gym. It’s scary to imagine her numbers if she can get healthy.

If you want to stimulate your thyroid then you should supplement with L-Tyrosine, which happens to be one of the ingredients in Metabolic Drive. One shake a day should seems have enough tyrosine for the average person with a sluggish thyroid

I have both thyroid issues and adrenal issues. I do take HOT-ROX and according to label it does effect the thyroid. As for having problems, I haven’t notice anything major, even in my blood work which I just had.

As for the adrenal issues things that you can help are B vitamins, Mega Vitamin C,(I take 3000mg daily, split throughout day). I also use Celtic Sea Salt, sprinkled on my food and once daily I have 1/2 tsp in water, usually after I do my cardio. The salt may be hard for her since she is a fitness competitor, but the adrenals live on salt and vitamin C.

The Yohimbe actually speeds the heart and can increase blood pressure, so you need to watch this, but taken no more than label instructs she’ll be fine. Make sure she understands her condition first. Plenty of sites out there for research on. Heavy excercise is hard on adrenals, so understand that. I hope this helps.