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Thyroid Advice with TRT?

I do not know about online sources.

If you came to me, I would work with your current labs. The emphasis would be on your results, i.e. how well you responded symptomatically.

Do you have an email address that I can use to reach out to you?

I’m sorry, I do not participate here to solicit patients.

I would look on the Worldlink Medical website under the “Find a Provider” link, and see if there is anyone near you.

Understood. Thanks anyway.

You need to just find a new doc friend. Your TSH is high. These docs are going to keep you sick until you are so sick it has to be fixed . thats because insurance dictates thyroid therapy cannot start until you reach 5 tsh.

Thyroid experts will tell you that TSH is unreliable anyways. Test ft3 and see where that is and use symptoms are a gauge.

Normally you want to take t3 only twice a day. The half life is short and you willl probably feel a crash after the AM dose. I know a hand full of close friends who take it 3 times a day. 4 hours a part. 6am, before lunch and mid afternoon.

Just find a doctor who specializes in HRT and do your research. Find someone who really understands hormones and not someone who just dabblers in it to make money.

There are so many doctors the guys here use. Im sure you can find someone in your city and ask them who they use. Or you can travel and see a few docs most of us know.

fT3 has always been around 3.1, while fT4 between 0.9 and 1.1. It seems I convert well from T4 to T3, hence why I was looking for NDT.

TSH has been all over the place these years, from 2.0 to 3.6, with the same numbers of fT3 and fT4. It seems it gets higher when I’m stressed and lower when I don’t have much going on, but it doesn’t affect fT3 and fT4 values.

Nope that’s the problem with Thyroid for many. T4 doesn’t convert well to t3 and that’s why we check it.

TSH over 1 is always something to look at. It should be around 1 or lower.

Ok, thanks. I’m 4 weeks into a protocol change at the moment, so I’m waiting another 4 weeks to see how it goes before adding thyroid medication in.

What do you take as T3? Standard cytomel?
If I’m not wrong, I recall you being against slow-release T3. Can I ask you why?

Your FT3 is mid range and FT4 is low end of range. I don’t see an issue with you converting. If I were you I would try adding T4 only (or NDT / compounded blend with only a small amount of T3). I don’t see a reason to try T3 only. If your conversion is good, you will be much more stable on T4 medication due to the longer half-life.

FT3 should be top of range. We won’t know if it converts well if ft4 increases. Usually it doesn’t.

I take armor thyroid. It works best for everyone whose tried it an other meds. Thyroid is supposed to be released right away. T4 is stored and slowly converted, while t3 absorbs quickly. If you take t3 only, you want it to release fast not slow. Thats just how thyroid works. Same with melatonin.

T3 will be needed 2-3 times a day. 6am, 10am/11am and 2pm. Empty stomach. But t4/t3 combination usually works better as people using it report better symptom resolution.

Hopefully you don’t need it, but if fatigue and other symptoms stick around I would use it. No need to wait.

I’ll probably try NDT first and see how it goes, but at the moment (3 weeks into new protocol EOD with higher dosage) fatigue is almost gone. I’m waiting to see if anxiety will finally fade out and I guess I won’t even need to touch the thyroid.

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What if you have TSH around 1 but also have low everything else? My T4 is barely in range, T3 is slightly below the range, FT4 and FT3 is low-mid range. The thing is my TSH used to be always above 2,5 and my thyroid hormones were at same levels… Not sure what caused TSH to be low in my last 4 lab results.

That would be secondary hypothyroidism, the thyroid is fine its just not getting enough stimulation, similar to secondary hypogonadism where the problem isn’t with the testicles, the problem is the pituitary gland.

Primary hypothyroidism would see a high TSH, the high TSH would indicate the pituitary gland is functioning correctly and the problem is with the thyroid gland.

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I understand. My TSH was always high (between 2.5 and 4.4) up until 5 months ago. Now all of a sudden it’s low all the time and other thyroid hormones didn’t change.

What might have caused this? A problem with pituitary out of nowhere?

That’s what I mean by TSH is a bad indicator. Maybe your body just got tired of sending the TSH and is saying “stubborn ass thyroid won’t listen to me”. Fook it. Deal with it.

My explanation is funnier

That’s why i started Levo 100mcg 2 weeks ago. No changes yet. I will wait until 6 weeks and i might switch to or add NDT.

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100mcg is going to f you up man.