Thymosin Beta 4

Ive been reading up on tb4 for a couple weeks now and might give 'er a try.

Any experiences, tricks, tips on dosing (5mg or 2mg/wk), etc?
Also interested as to whether this would pop up in a PED test or not…

I’ll be interested to hear how you get on, I’m probably going to give it a try myself. Sounds a bit too good to be true from what I’ve heard.

No idea about the drug test.

Sounds interesting, but talk about blazing your own trail!

Activating stem cells, used in horse racing, etc.

Curious if it takes an injury for it to work, or does simple hard training work?

And something about the whole process strikes me as the kind of thing that could cause cancer, or rather cause a cancer that your body would normally defeat grow way the fuck out of control and kill you.

From the logs Ive read on Dat’s site, people have taken it after an injury but cant decipher how well the tb4 helped them recover so…thanks for nothing loggers

For general recovery/anti-inflammation (the purpose it serves in horse)some say its either the holy grail or a dud…

IF it doesnt show in a PED test it would seem to me like the ultimate peptide to have for an athlete in a grueling season. No where on the entire world wide web have i found a discussion between a PED test and tb4 though

Tnation thats where you come in. Does it work, is it detectable?

Better rob a bank first…

"After a just a little researching I think the deducted optimal dose for humans of 2 mg per week is way off.
It appears some bodybuilders came to that conclusion simply by using the mg/kg (or mg /lb) of bodyweight dosage used in horse and directly apllying it to humans.

The dosage recommended for a horse being 10mg/week and the average horse weighing 1000lbs, they deducted that the dosage for a 200lbs bodybuilder should be 2mg per week.
But this isnt how you do animal to human dosage conversion.

Check this article out

According to this article, a correct formula to calculate human dosage from animal dosage in the following :

Human dose (mg/kg) = Animal dose (mg/kg) x Animal Km/Human Km

The article includes a conversion table that gives us the different values of that Km factor for different species, including humans. Unfortunately horses are not included (they aren’t lab animals).

BUT they do give a value of Km for dogs.

And we do have a recommended dosage of TB500 for greyhounds : 5mg per week . This comes from the original TB500 manufacturer, MediVet, which is where we got the 10mg/week dosage for horses.

Now if the average geryhound weighs 32kg, the dose in mg/kg is 5/32=0.15625mg

The table included in the article gives us :
Dog Km = 20
Human Km = 37


Human TB500 dose = 5/32 x 20/37= 25/296 or approx 0.084459mg/kg

So the correct human dose for a for a 200lbs = 90.7kg man
should be 7,66mg per week

Of course its only a gross approximation but it’s probably much closer the the correct efficient dose than the 2mg/week that has been talked about until now."
from daouda on pro muscle

"Drug : Thymosin Beta 4
A single bolus injections of ascending doses of 42 mg, 140 mg, 420 mg or 1,260 QD

So they’ve been testing with up to 1260mg PER DAY of TB4!!! Minimum dose was 42mg per day!!!

Notice they were looking for very healthy volunteers, non-smoking etc so obvioulsy they wanted to avoid any flaring up of potential dormant cancer… But still, they started at 42mg ED! So I wouldnt be too scared of any dose up to 20 mg per week!

Results have been published for a long time:

A randomized, placebo-controlled, single and multiple dose study of intravenous thymosin beta4 in healthy volunteers.
Adverse events were infrequent, and mild or moderate in intensity. There were no dose limiting toxicities or serious adverse events. Pharmacokinetic profile for single dose showed a dose proportional response, and an increasing half-life with increasing dose. Synthetic Tbeta4 given intravenously as a single dose or in multiple daily doses for 14 days over a dose range of 42-1260 mg was well tolerated with no evidence of dose limiting toxicity. Further development for use in cardiac ischemia should be considered."

from daouda on pro muscle

Interesting, learning new things everyday. I will follow this and if I decide to use it I may start a log. Although I do agree the that there could be issues with dormant cancer cells (an area of research for me).