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Thursday on Prime Time T-Nation


Tonight on Prime Time T-Nation from 7PM to 10PM, EST, strength coaches Dan John and Eric Cressey, along with nutritionist Lonnie Lowery and sports doctor Ryan Smith. In between answering questions, the group postulates on the identity of the "half-blood prince" in the new Harry Potter book, and whether wizard sex is better than muggle sex.


I'd think wizard sex would be fairly dangerous. Considering the uncontrollable and usually unflattering movements made at the height of orgasm, one false flick of the wrist and they both might be turned into a rabbit or engulfed in flames.


Are there ever any Prime Times during the daytime? I don't get online at night


EXCELLENT question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Although it defies the meaning of "Prime Time" a bit, if you get a chance to log-on at lunch time on Fridays, I (for one) do get a chance to host a "lunchtime" thread from time to time.

I suppose that with enough interest I could arrange for a switch to this time frame...