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Thursday on Prime Time T-Nation


Tonight, strength coaches Christian Thibaudeau and Chad Waterbury. Also, actor and Quaker Oats spokesman Wilford Brimley, actress Lisa Kudrow, sumo champion Akebono, flautist Zamfir and Pope Benedict XVI.


Will Brimley be doing his Quaker Oat/Butterball turkey stuff like we hear on Imus?


When are Beyonce and Halle Berry coming on damnit?

ps. Tell Shugs to keep his filthy paws off the Grow! bars!


I thought Brimley died like 2 years ago, or so.


So? It doesn't mean that he can't be posting here in spirit you know :slight_smile:


Hmmm, that might explain why his agent, in addition to the usual Avian and green M & M's, wanted a "brass urn with the T-Nation tribal logo for Mr. Brimley."


We'll need a big brass urn (T-Nation Symbol and all) if I don't get my Grow! Bars.


I think he is still alive, but now that he gets his diabetes supplies sent directly to his house (another commercial he has), he doesn't come out much.


Yes, Liberty Medical. I called them and asked them to deliver DECA and D-Bol directly to my door but they just hung up on me.


Excellent. I'm curious to see what the popes stance is on Eggs Benedict in my cutting program.


Hi Dr. Ryan

If we are injured (my Supraspinatus and Pectoris Major)...how can we best retain LBM and strength if we can't work out?

I figure the only way is supps...should we still take protien MRPs (I figure "yes", but just checking) and Creatine (not sure about that one)?

Thanks for any input.



What's a flautist?



There's no reason you can't work out with those injuries. You just have to eliminate the upper body/lower body exercises that stress that area significantly. You can still do some kinds of lower body and core exercises. Even some unilateral upperbody exercises can be performed that through neurologically mediated channels will help the injured side.

Depending on the severity of your supraspinatus and pec injury, there are some RH exercises that you should be doing.

Don't allow the injury to keep you from exercising.

Take care,



I want to train...I love training, but the doc (TCM doc in China...i'm out of the US for a while) said "no exercise"...maybe a language barrier.

For pepole like me who are not doctors, could you please "dumb" up this statement:
"Even some unilateral upperbody exercises can be performed that through neurologically mediated channels will help the injured side."





What did you do to your shoulder/chest? How did they diagnose your problem?

If you only have a shoulder problem on one side, there is no reason at all that you have to lay off all exercise. Only exercise that signficantly overloads the injured tissues.

As far as unilateral upper body training, that means that you can use db's or single arm exercises to work your good side. You can do whatever exercises you like. Some of the training response will actually 'spill over' to the injured side.

Take care,



It was the darndest thing. I injured my right bicep (lifting high volume/low reps) and with little rest for days. Too much work, heavy workouts...not enought rest/down time...little sleep...that will do it, huh?

So I was getting TCM massage on my right bicep and not doing any workouts on upper body. Then for some unknown reason (TCM doc said "bad energy flow") suddenly my left supraspinatus and upper pec started to hurt. not joking.

I thought it was nothing so i went back to hitting the iron the same way. The original injury was due to Chinups (weighted) and I don't know exactly what happened here.

All I know is that on one of the upperbody days I aggravated it through Military presses and benchpresses and rows...

Not much help, I know,...but if I shrug the shoulders or bench press...AGONY!

As for diagnosis...I had a translator (I'm in China and don't speak Mandarin) tell the TCM doc what's up and he felt around...moved my limbs and asked "Pain or no pain". In certain positions, there was much pain, in others, none. he showed me a book with english translated pictures and showed me where the problems are.

Not much help, I know, but the best I can do.

take care and thanks