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Thunder and timbo

I have previously read (and bookmarked) your “strut yo’ stuff” thread (awesome) and was wondering if you guys, or any other T-maggers would help me out with a slightly different situation. I am not a body builder, but rather a “bigger” guy and chronic yo-yo dieter (read: fat guy who likes to lift heavy). I usually gain and loose 20-30lbs a year. On Jan. 1 I made a bet with my buddies that I could be 220 lbs on Canada Day (july 1st), down from 267. As of today, I am 222.5lbs and I am confident I will make the weight. However, to make sure I weigh the lightest possible, I would like your esteemed opinions on how to cut my water. Would you recomend your advice from “strut yo’ stuff”, or something else (I’ve also read the swolecat article). Note: bf% and looks don’t matter, just that I weigh 220 + under. I am, however, around 15-18% bf. To avoid an excessively long post I will post my traing and diet later if there is any responses. Briefly: I’m on a keto diet and my last refeed was 4 weeks ago. Thank you very much.

The current “7 Days to Ultimate Leanness” article, though primarily for getting that ultra-ripped look for already lean guys, also covers water-loss techniques. It might help you temporarily lose a little extra weight.

if you want to cut water its very simple. run, sweat your brains out, and dont drink water. Us wrestlers used to do this to make weight before a match. Now that i know how stupid it is to do i’ll never dehydrate myself if i can help it. But if you don’t care about dehydrating yourself that’s the plan.

Paul, thanks for the response. I read that article, and the advice offered in it differs somewhat from what I have read on the forum (strut yo’ stuff thread). Plus, the article is solely concerned with looking your best for a show, pic shoot ect., and some of the suggestions would not apply to me – eating all those carbs, cutting cardio ect.

Bobopunxs–I know increasing exercise and sweating more would help, I was looking for something a little more “scientific” to use in addition.

Since this post has slid down the chain, I figure I would post my diet, supps and work outs, in case anyone else wanted wanted to generously offer their opinions.
Per day:
water: 7 liters
supps: 50 mgs ephd. + 400mgs caf. x 3
T2 pro (just finished orig. T2)
herbal diuretic(started
Food: 4 cans tuna
4 tbsp flax oil
4 tbsp mayo
1 slice hard cheese
2 hard boiled eggs
1/2 cup cottage cheese
1 “serving” meat ie steak, chicken
breast, pork chop ect.
if really starving a few slices of lunch meat
3 servings fibre supp.
Workout: 4x per week power/strg.The last three weeks I have been doing my own bastardized version of edt. Ex. 15min as much squats as possible, 15 min as many deads as possible and so on using cleans, power snatches, cl + prs. ect.
cardio: off days 1 hour eliptical trainer. Lifting days 25 min pre workout, 15 min. hiit on bike post.
Before anyone starts flaming my food selections, lifting or cardio, please remember 2 things: A) This is the tail end of a six month diet, and B) my question is about loosing the last bit of water weight.
thank you.

Since this thread has slid down the chain I thought I would post my supps, workouts, diet ect, in case anyone wanted to generously donate their opinions to my question.
Per Day:
Water: 7 liters (just raised it on Sun.).
Supps: 50mg. ephd+400mg. caf. x3
T2 Pro + guggul (just finished orig. T2 and before that hotroxs)
herbal diuretic (started Mon.)
Food: 4 cans tuna
4 tbsp fax oil
4 tbsp mayo
1 slice hard cheddar cheese
2 hard boiled eggs
1/2 cup cottage cheese
1 “serving” meat ie. steak, chicken, pork chops
if starving a few slices of
lunch meat
lifting : power/strgth 3x3, 5x5, 10x1
ect. The last 3 weeks I have
been using my own bastardized version of edt.–15min. squats, as many as I can, 15min. deads, cl+prs, ect. 4x a week.
cardio: off days-1 hr. eliptical trainer. Lifting days-25min pre, 15 min.post hiit on bike.
Before anyone flames ny food selections or cardio please remember A)This is the tail end of a 6 mon. diet, and B) My question is about loosing the most amount of water weight possible. Thank you.