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Thumbless BP, Ah No Thanks


This is why we have thunmbs and should USE THEM!!

Man this had to do some damage just twists my stomach.



A guy at my gym asked me to spot him on the incline the other day. We have above 30 degrees celsius here in Vienna, his hands were sweaty and he used the same grip shown in the video.

I didn't ask as I had exceeded my rest time between my own sets already, but I'd love to know the reasoning behind this...


We just recently had a good discussion on this, here: http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1579810

The people that do use it claim it promotes better bar placement on the palm, and increase wrist strength. It seems to be a love hate relationship.


I saw that happen at the first powerlifting meet I ever went to in Nebraska. Except instead of his chest, the guy dropped it right on his face. Pretty ugly; he came up off the bench just spitting out teeth...


What a Goof.

Maybe a little desire to actually bench that day would've helped?


Yeah, I've seen this video before, and it still hurts to watch. You can tell something is wrong when he re-racks it the first time.

I used to be guilty of the thumbless grip until I heard a couple of these horror stories.


Holy hell.. thats just retarded...


I'm a recent (~3/4 years) convert to thumbless Bench. I'l qualify that: I use a thumbless grip when I use a grip width of less than about 30 inches. I get discomfort in my wristd / elbows using a 'Proper' grip on anything less, especially 24 inches and less.

I bench narrower now than I used to as I've had a lot of shoulder problems. Once the shoulder is better I may go wider and use a 'proper' grip.