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Thumb Injury

I’ve got a mild thumb injury which I am a little worried about. I got it during MMA training. I’ve had similar injuries before on both thumbs. I was just stupid, had my thumb a little bit too far out, and while we were grappling it got grabbed all on its lonesome and snapped back. (Meaning that my thumb touched my wrist.)

Since I had previously been hurt like this, I immediately put some ice on it after the fight and expected some swelling and lose of mobility in that thumb (left hand) for a couple of days while it healed.

It’s been two weeks now and the swelling did go down as I predicted. I have my full range of motion again, but the thumb continues to hurt and throb quite a bit when I use it. I think I might have a torn ligament or something maybe.

Not sure what to do. Thoughts?

visit a doctor? It’s been 2 weeks, it still hurts. Get it looked at