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Thumb Blisters


Hey, I'm new to Oly Lifting, about 2.5 months in. I joined a club and have a coach so lifting isn't really my problem (well it is because my technqiue is still nowhere near where it's suppose to be). My problem is I keep getting thumb blisters! I have a reoccuring blister between where the thumb meets the hand and the IP joint (the only joint in the thumb).

Any tips and tricks from those with more experience on how to deal with these/get rid of them?


Sand your hand down, yes literally get some sand paper and sand the callouses down. Your skin isn't use to the friction so it'll blister like this. It gets better with time. You could use tape as a decent amount of people use that.



Yeah I second Koing, I had a HUGE problem with this. It was to the point where I couldn't lift without tape because my hands would start bleeding again. Sandpaper is good, and also try using a pumice stone and scrub away your callouses in the shower.


Emory board for sanding the calluses and that spot on the thumb and some Shea Butter. After a lifting day wash your hands in the evening in some warm water, wait a bit then sand them and put some Shea Butter on the calluses before you go to bed.

I know the spot your talking about and I just tape that area every time I do any type of snatch related work and Koing said it gets better with time.

Take care of your hands because that's the last thing you want to worry about when lifting.



after every single practice. it will improve with time


remember to apply moisturizing solution to your hands after training.


I x2 the above along with a little extra:

Go to the drug store and buy some shit called "Nu-skin" or "liquid bandaid." It's bad ass for keeping your hands in shape. I like to give my hands a spray or two of it before a day when i know they will get tender. A good thourough spray with a little time to dry will form a fairly protective barrier between you and the bar but not fuck with your grip.

It wont last the whole session but what i find is that it takes me though snatch sets so that when i hit the clean and jerk sets my hands are as though I had not done the snatch yet. Jerks are the real bitch for my paws and i find the nu-skin makes it so that i have fresh hands for the jerks.

Dont spray it on if you have an opened popped calous tho, shit will hurt worse than fisting.



Worst. Pain. Ever.


Worse than fisting.



I use nail clippers to cut them off, job done. Not touched sandpaper in years.