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Thug Training


thats how the thugs train!
you be knowin'



...some of that stuff looks tough as hell.




lol i think i can do like one move out of the first video


Look at those massive quads.


Good post!

There were only two moves I haven't seen, that are in those clips (very cool). I'd like to see some leg development...


They're probably bigger than most of the people on this site.


The pullup transition to a 'dip' was most impressive. I can do 23 chins and I seriously doubt I can pop myself up like that.



OMG prof.
I was about to flame those retards away.

I mean the guys who said let's see quads are sooo fuckin' negative, these guys are training hard with little equipement and got good development.


Was very impressed


Thats not functional strength. They clearly are only working out for looks. They'd get beat up by the swiss ball guys any day.

That is definetly impressive. The one guy in the first video with the big chest definetly knows some stuff about working out and the human anatomy. More than most personal trainers anyways.


Actually I have to say that those were dam great movies. I will admit I don't pay enough attention to body weight workouts but these videos have given me some inspiration to try harder.


About the quad thing. I bet these guys may not train them directly but probably play b-ball, pick up football and stuff so they probably are pretty quick and can jump pretty high.


Yeah, those guys were impressively built. I'm not sure, based on what I've seen from the majority of people here, what there is to critique without being a horrid hypocrite.

One question: What's with the Ruff Ryders deal? Are these guys actually somehow connected to the rap group led by DMX, or just some dudes who like to workout on random apparati and wear Ruff Ryders gear and finish their workouts by yelling "Ruff Ryders!"?


I just found it on Amazon and the Ruff Ryders store -
Thug Workout: Fitness From the Streets (2002)


I think what is most admirable of all the people in those clips is the dedication and effort they put forth with minimal equipment.

So much for overtraining too. The guys in the third clip said this was their "daily" workout.

Good post.



Good stuff here, but where are the lat pulldowns? :wink:


Fuck yeah! This is what I'm talking about. These guys have know what it's all about.

I just finished putting a thread about chin-up strength feats and then you give me this. One mind baby.


this shit's corny as hell


Damn, that was impressive. Some good exercise variations in there. I can do 1 muscle up on a bar, gives me some inspiration to hit the gym harder.

Thanks for posting


It is. The only one worth listening to at all is the first guy. He actually seemed to know a little bit about training. If they allowed him to host all of it and produce it better, they might actually be onto something. Still, it will probably make them a little change and appeal to a market that would normally never buy a training tape.