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Ok I'm pretty new to this stuff so I could use some feedback. Been on test cyp 200 2cc wkly for about a year. A while back i tried some trem ace with it. I did 1 cc trem w 1cc test cyp twice a week. I tapered off tren about a month ago and lowered the cyp I was taking slowly. Just got bloodwork done and these are the results.
Dhea 131 ng/dL
Testosterone serum 1130 ng/dL
Free test. 49.2 pg/mL
FSH <0.2 mIU/mL
LH 0.1 mIU/mL
Estradiol 87.6 pg/mL

Doc wants me to cut down on test cyp to 1cc weekly and gave a script for letrozole which I can't afford. Supposed to maybe get script for serving else later today.
I just recently lost my gut and now I want to lose a bit more bodyfat. And of course I wanna get big vascular muscles. Lol

So what the hell do I do. He wants me to an endocrinologist he works with in a couple weeks. I really wanted a legit source and get it all good. Take a break and hit it hard after. So hopefully one of you guys can help. I been looking at serms sarms and peptides on line science there seems to be no legit gear suppliers. So HELP please


There are legit suppliers out there...you just have to find them. I know that isn't helpful at all, but I doubt you will find anyone here willing to give you their source.


hey there older - you may want to check out the other forums on this website. This section is for people with testosterone issues who need lifelong Hormone Replacement Therapy.

I could be mistaken, but it sounds like you are asking about cycles and the like which would be a better fit for the Steriods forum.

btw, you estradiol is through the roof and needs to be controlled (assuming it is the results from a Quest Sensitive blood test.


Thanks for the info guys. I just want to stay as healthy and active as I can.


Can you elaborate on this? If it's not Quest Sensitive, it's not reliable? How do I know if it meets this standard?


It is a specific test #4021 Estradiol Sensitive.

Regular Estradiol and Ultrasensitive Estradiol don't provide reliable results.

The other tests seem to provide random results based on the sampling here plus personal experience from a number of patients and doctors.


The test was done by labcorp. All it says under the estradiol result is : Roche eclia methodology. I did not fast at all before the test and it was taken 3-4 hrs after I woke.


what was the reference range provided by the lab? you want the one that is like 4 - 54 or something close to that.


I think labcorps is 3-70...somewhere around there


My estradiol was 87.6pg/mL.
Their range was 7.6-42.6


uhmmm, yeah. Ideal is somewhere around 22 pg/mL. the reference range looks good, so you have the right type of test. You just have 4x the ideal level.


Estrogen poisoning, has serious negative effects.

With weekly injections, levels are all over the place and the lab results depend on when you do the lab work. So your numbers are not very valuable without timing of the lab.

You were making dose changes. So we do not really know what the labs represent.

Anastrozole is the AI of choice. Letro can work, but the dose-response is erratic, making it hard to find what dose works. Read the protocol for injections sticky. Read the estrogen sticky and the advice for new guys sticky.