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Thrusters (aka Squat Presses)


CT: What is your opinion of a thruster complex performed with a Clean and a Paused A2G Front Squat (as in a Power or Muscle Clean to Paused A2G Front Squat into a Push Press Hold)? Or is it better to just stick with the traditional power clean and push press without the squat?


The thruster is a metabolic conditioning exercise because, just like the prowler, it makes breathing hard and create a huge oxygen debt.

But think about it... you will be limited by the amount of weight you can press/push press. So the squat will be VERY unloaded even if you pause it. It is an inferior muscle-building exercise Great to improve anaerobic endurance, but lousy to build muscle and strength.


Gotcha. I should have been clearer... I was wanting to use a thruster complex as a third layer after cleans + push presses. So based on your response I will program as metabolic conditioning but with a heavier loading @ 80% Push Press 1RM for 2-3 sets of 2-3 consecutive rounds. Thank you.


In that case that's fine