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Throwing Up Pre-Workout


this is probably a beginner level question, but ive always wondered this.
for some reason when i take pre workouts like (horse power, or fuzion) i have a tendancy to throwup or feel as if i need to, its never right away tho

ex when i tried fuzion it was all good the first week and i liked the rush but after that in the mornings for some reason i would randomly throw up?

Kind of the same with horse power all good the first week, but with this one after the first week i would throw up or feel nauseous 30 min after id take it and start working out..

is there anything else i can try to give me a boost in the gym without the sickness?

18 yrs oild and i train everyday for my sport (muay thai, and mma)

idk if this was needed? but it cant hurt


Simple logic would conclude that your body is not a fan of one of the ingredients within these products. It may be the caffeine or it may be the fact that 95% of pre workouts are loaded with filler and sugar that irritate the stomach.

My personal opinion, fix up your diet and get energy from the foods you eat instead of blowing your money on garbage.


pre workout nutrients that will help maximal strength and endurance are some form of

caffeine, green tea extract, Alpha GPC, Acetyl-l-carnitine

during workout

BCAA and electrolytes sipped evenly throughout workout. to maintain focus and anabolism.

all these supplements from good sources would serve you much better than some mix that makes you throw up.


yea it might be the sugars and fillers, cuz my diet is very clean, lots of protein, good carbs, and good fats.,etc i noticed alot more energy when i started adding more proteins to the meals i was eating.

but yea thx i just was always curious why this was happening haha


That was happening to me too. I switched to a caffeine free
Pre workout powder and was fine after that.


preworkout try 500 mg chocamine plus 1500 mg of L-tyrosine. works great with out jitters. if want some caffeine throw that in a cup of coffee and tastes like a mocha type drink. you can buy both ingredients in bulk and cost is around 15 cents per workout for the chocamine and l-tyrosine. cant beat it.


Tyrosine + nodoz (caffeine pills) + taurine and you are good to go.

Spike has never bothered my stomach. I like ASGT too... other than that I don't like any pre-workouts