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Throwing Up During Workouts


Hey guys I was wondering if you guys could help...I am currently doing Waterbury's abbh and I have a slight problem....towards the end of the workout I often feel like im gonna barf everywhere in the gym. During my workout I drink whey + water since money is tight at the moment and I cannot afford bcaas. I previously also drank a Gatorade during the workout but that would only make me want to barf even more towards the end of the workout.

I usually eat 2 hrs before then workout so my stomach is calmer...but I still am having this problem. Sometimes I cannot complete the last two reps in a set because I feel like I might barf. Post workout I feel fine though even when I am drinking my post workout drink....what do you think is the matter? All advice is welcome....thank you


obviously your soft


People who have this issue will have to chime in, but I've never had the problem and can't really fathom it.

Are you new to lifting?


Maybe you should try a different whey product??

you could have developed an allergy or something???

i dunno..i dont usually get this feeling.


no i am not new to lifting...I have only had this problem once in the past during some supersets during the HS100 program...but it was only because of too much caffeine...I would appreciate some advice rather than just saying "obviously your soft"....


Have you tried just drinking water? Also, how much water do you drink in a day?

I had this problem, accompanied by light headedness before, which was dehydration.


Stop drinking whey during your workout. That should solve it.


I drink water constantly through out the day...I previously only drank water...but after reading JB's article bout during workout nutrition I switched to gatorade and bcaas. I cannot afford bcaas at the moment though so I have been drinking whey for a long time...during the summer I felt fine when doing this but ever since school has started up I have been having trouble...and idk y...lol =/


Are you eating enough food? If I don't eat enough the day of my workout, I get sick to my stomach from hunger. It doesn't really feel like hunger, but that's what it is.


I dont think its that either seeing as I usually have 3/4 hefty meals before my workout...I usually workout later in the day and I am very careful about my diet and almost always eat a caloric surplus on training days....Do you think its because my heart is beating so fast towards the end of the workout that causes the nausea?


Nausea associated with hard workouts is not a new thing. Rest more.

Take longer rest periods. You're straining too hard, too fast, I bet.


Agreed. The times I threw up from workouts were from running sprints (200 - 600) fast, sometimes even with enough rest though.

In lifting, I'll get it from doing squats, SLDL, and leg press all within a short period of time and next to nothing for rest.


The program prescribes 1 minute rest between sets...i dont really want to deviate from the program though...anyone else who has tried abbh experienced similar issues?


LOL. You throw up during workouts because there's something in your stomach to throw up. So stop working out with something in your stomach.


Unlike the harsh answers that you have already received, please do not overlook digestive issues. Acid reflux can cause nausea. Also adrenal issues can make you very nauseous. I eat a protein and small carb about an hour before workout, but can't workout on a full stomach.

The whey protein you are consuming, may not be agreeing with you. I just do plain water and right after my workout, I drink 8 oz of water with Celtic Sea Salt in it. Settles stomach down and gives you needed electrolites.



dude, just dont eat during your workouts. Think about it. You want all your blood supporting your working muscles, not in your stomach trying to digets anything. People pop BCAAs because they just digest real quick (at least I hope so, cuz thats what I do). I typically have a bowl of oatmeal, some PB, and some prot powder about 40 min before I hit the weights. By that time, everything's nice and digested.



Just puke and get on with your training, that's what men do.

Men puke and go on, men bleed their noses and go on, men shit their pants and go on.

Hell, men even continue lifting if all girls around them were naked!


Agreed. If you are training really hard a whey shake can put you over the edge.